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camilla luddington

Hottest Woman 12/23/14 – CAMILLA LUDDINGTON (Grey's Anatomy)!


Camilla Anne Luddington is an English actress from Bracknell, Berkshire, England.

Camilla starred (2011) as Catherine Middleton in the film William & Kate. In 2013, she filmed The Pact 2.

Luddington joined the cast of the Showtime series Californication for its fifth season, playing a nanny named Lizzie. She also joined the cast of the fifth season of the HBO vampire drama True Blood, as Claudette Crane, a faerie. In July 2012, Luddington joined the cast of the television show Grey's Anatomy as Dr. Jo Wilson in a recurring role. In June 2013 it was announced that she would be a series regular from Season 10 onwards. In October 2012, Camilla appeared on a Halloween special of E!'s popular fashion programme, Fashion Police.

In June 2012, Crystal Dynamics confirmed Luddington would voice Lara Croft in the video game Tomb Raider. She also performed the motion capture for Lara over the course of three years. In June 2014, it was revealed that a sequel is in production, titled Rise of the Tomb Raider. Luddington confirmed on her Twitter account that she would be returning to voice and motion capture Lara in the new game.

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1356642703_camilla-luddington-0016Camilla Luddington’s Hot Body & Panties for Esquire Me In My Place Magazine 12 camilla_luddington_esquire_me_in_my_place_12 Camilla_Luddington_s_Hot_Body_Panties_for_Esquire_Me_In_My_Place_Magazine_10camilla-luddington-californication-lizzie-001 camilla-luddington-esquire-06camilla-luddington-ocean-magazine-october-2014-issue_3sexy-girl-camilla-luddington-en-lara-croftCamilla-Luddington-nude-on-tv-Californication-S05E07-07Camilla-Luddington-nude-on-tv-Californication-S05E07-10

Camilla_Luddington600full-camilla-luddington fcdc968full-camilla-luddingtoncamilla luddingtoncamilla_luddington_tPremiere of 'Mom's Night Out' - Arrivals Camilla_Luddington Camilla_Luddington Camilla_Luddington Camilla_Luddington Camilla_Luddington_5813717

camilla luddington600full-camilla-luddington600full-camilla-luddington gbjcamilla-luddington-ocean-1 Camilla Luddington - Ocean Magazine, USA, October 2014 15 Camilla-Luddington-Regard-Magazine-08-Camilla-Luddington---Regard-Magazine--07camilla-luddington-at-regard-magazine_6camilla-luddington-ocean-7camilla luddingtontumblr_inline_mwcm8zGhse1sprq8z Camilla_Luddington tumblr_midkrfYbw91qlvvgxo6_r4_250Camilla_Luddington tumblr_mu7yony2An1spy2pko5_250CAMILLA LUDDINGTONcamilla luddington

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