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Hottest Woman 11/24/14 – NIKKI BELLA (WWE: Divas)!

Normally, seeing two equally gorgeous twins requires a night of heavy drinking and some serious beer goggles. But, with the Bellas – Nikki and her sister Brie – the double vision is the real deal.

A self-admitted "tomboy" with a feminine side, Nikki originally planned to play professional soccer until a leg injury ended her career. From there, she followed her twin sister Brie’s lead into WWE.

Unsuccessful in seizing spots in the 2006 WWE Raw Diva Search, the Bellas caught the eyes of execs and soon landed in FCW. Training for the competition they’d soon crush (while male WWE fans formed crushes on them), Nikki and her sibling made their way onto the main roster in 2008 and turned heads whenever they set foot inside the ring.

But don’t be fooled — Nikki is more than just a (really) pretty face. With a dash of “Twin Magic,” Nikki and her sister stirred up the Divas division, culminating with Brie’s Divas Title reign in 2011. Nikki followed with a Divas Championship victory of her own, defeating Beth Phoenix in April 2012. The cunning femmes fatale made a lasting mark on the Divas division — even if it meant breaking more than just a heart or two — and after a brief sabbatical from the ring, a return in March 2013 proved that the Bellas still have plenty of twin magic in their collective arsenal.

Since their return, The Bella Twins have found success in reality television as stars of the E! hit series “Total Divas,” and have remained vigilant in pursuit of the Divas Championship. However, things began to change drastically for the twins in the summer of 2014.

Supporting her sister as Brie prepared to battle Stephanie McMahon at SummerSlam, Nikki was part of a contract signing for the anticipated bout that came to a shocking conclusion when Stephanie hit both Bella Twins with her husband’s signature Pedigree. At SummerSlam, the surprises continued as Nikki clobbered her sister during her match against Stephanie, which allowed the Billionaire Princess to claim victory.

The following night, Nikki explained that the attack on her sister was a long time coming, and that she had finally freed herself from her “selfish” and “manipulative” twin. Then, when Brie tried to reconcile with her sibling, Nikki responded with a harsh slap across the face. Efforts to mend their relationship were similarly unsuccessful one week later on Raw, when Nikki harshly told her sister that she wished Brie had never been born. For her honesty, Stephanie rewarded Nikki with a Divas Championship Match at Night of Champions.


Even though Nikki is seemingly getting what she wants, she still has unfinished business with Brie, and not even a Jerry Springer intervention on the season premiere of Raw could help the warring sisters make peace. After successfully teaming with Divas Champion Paige against Brie and AJ Lee, Nikki punished her twin in a post-match assault. Despite having the momentum, she was unable to pick up the Divas Title in a Triple Threat Match at Night of Champions.

Still spiteful, Nikki relished the chance to witness Brie take on both Eva Marie and Cameron on the Sept. 29 Raw — a Handicap Match not dissimilar to the ones The Authority forced on Nikki after Brie quit WWE. Brie beat the odds that night, and would go on to earn near-impossible victories in other unfair clashes.

At WWE Hell in a Cell, Nikki defeated Brie and, per the match stipulation, the losing Bella is serving as Nikki’s personal assistant for a month. Continuing to assert her dominance over Brie at every turn, Nikki has also reigned over the Divas division, earning the right to challenge AJ Lee for the Divas Championship at Survivor Series.

At Survivor Series, Brie Bella shocked the entire WWE Universe, kissing AJ Lee as the match began allowing Nikki to take down the Divas Champion, execute the Rack Attack and net the butterfly for the second time.

What’s next for Nikki? Seemingly, only she knows for sure.

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