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Hottest Woman 10/16/14 – NINA DOBREV (The Vampire Diaries)!


Nina Constantinova Dobreva was born in Sofia, Bulgaria.

She moved to Canada at the age of two and has lived in Toronto, Ontario ever since. From a very young age, she showed great enthusiasm and talent for the arts: Dance, Gymnastics, Theatre, Music, Visual arts, and Acting! Modeling jobs led to commercials, which then turned into film auditions. Shortly after, she booked roles in the feature films Fugitive Pieces (2007), Away from Her (2006) and the popular television series, Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001), on CTV.

Nina loves to travel and has often visited Europe both for pleasure, as well as competing internationally, representing Canada in Aesthetic gymnastics. She enjoys playing volleyball, soccer, swimming, rock climbing, wake boarding, snowboarding, and horse back riding, to name a few.

But, above all, acting is her passion, and she sees it as an adventure that has just begun; she believes that the journey and the characters we create along the way will help us understand ourselves. Nina can currently be seen playing Elena Gilbert on the CW TV series The Vampire Diaries.




Nina-Dobrev-sexy-hot-The-Vampire-Diaries-Elena-Gilbert-XXX-Becky-Clearidge-nina-dobrevNina-Dobrev-sexy-hot-The-Vampire-Diaries-Elena-Gilbert-XXX-Becky-Clearidge-nina-dobrev Nina-Dobrev-sexy-hot-The-Vampire-Diaries-Elena-Gilbert-XXX-Becky-Clearidge-nina-dobrev Nina-Dobrev-sexy-hot-The-Vampire-Diaries-Elena-Gilbert-XXX-Becky-Clearidge-nina-dobrev Nina-Dobrev-sexy-hot-The-Vampire-Diaries-Elena-Gilbert-XXX-Becky-Clearidge-nina-dobrev   Nina-Dobrev-sexy-hot-The-Vampire-Diaries-Elena-Gilbert-XXX-Becky-Clearidge-nina-dobrev



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  • Studied acting at Armstrong Acting Studios in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Is best friends with Matt Lanter and Sara Paxton.
  • She has competed internationally representing Canada in Aesthetic Group Gymnastics. In 2005, she joined both the Senior World Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark and the Junior World Championships in Plzen, Czech Republic.
  • She enjoys playing Rock Band and engages in water sports including swimming, windsurfing, wake boarding and scuba diving. Nina also loves to travel and often visits Europe. Among her other activities are playing volleyball, soccer, horseback riding, snowboarding and rock climbing.
  • She traveled to Kenya where she built a school with fellow Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001) co-stars through the non-profit organization, Free The Children. She also wore a top promoting the cause towards the end of her movie, The American Mall (2008).
  • She went into a general audition for Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001) and read the role of Manny Santos. Later, she was called back, read for the role of Mia Jones, and got the role.
  • She has been sharing an apartment in Atlanta with Kayla Ewell.
  • One of her hobbies is making jewelry. She plans on starting her own jewelry line in the future.
  • Is frequently compared, and is aware of bearing a resemblance, to Victoria Justice.
  • Some of her favorite films include Schindler's List (1993), The Notebook (2004), Juno (2007) and Knocked Up (2007).
  • Her favorite television series are House M.D. (2004), Grey's Anatomy (2005) and Gossip Girl (2007).
  • Is a huge fan of the "Twilight" book series and had hoped to play the role of Bella Swan in the film franchise before landing the role of Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries (2009).
  • Is a huge fan of the HBO television series True Blood (2008).
  • Her favorite actresses are Meryl Streep and Rachel McAdams.
  • Was in a relationship with The Vampire Diaries (2009) co-star, Ian Somerhalder (2010-May 2013).
  • She lists child rights advocate, Craig Kielburger and Meryl Streep among the people she admires.
  • Being a huge fan of the musical film Chicago (2002), Nina derived inspiration from the song, "Cell Block Tango", for her performance of "Survivor" in The American Mall (2008).
  • Has played a teenage mother on Degrassi: The Next Generation (2001) and played both a teenage mother and daughter of teenagers on The Vampire Diaries (2009).
  • Ranked #44 in the 2011 FHM Australia list of "100 Sexiest Women in the World".
  • Wears glasses.
  • Second child and only daughter of Konstantin Dobrev and Michaela Dobreva (nee Radeva).
  • Has an older brother named Alexander Dobrev.
  • Speaks fluent English, French and Bulgarian.
  • Close friends with her The Vampire Diaries (2009) co-stars, Candice Accola, Kat Graham, Michael Trevino and Paul Wesley.
  • Is a very skilled ballet and jazz dancer and gymnast.
  • Is six years younger than Olga Fonda who played her daughter on The Vampire Diaries (2009).
  • Named after her maternal grandmother Nikolina Constantine.
  • Nina has competed internationally representing Canada in Aesthetic Group Gymnastics. In 2005, she joined both the Senior World Championships in Copenhagen, Denmark and the Junior World Championships in Plzen, Czech Republic.
  • Nina Dobrev, the actress who plays Katherine Pierce, was born in Bulgaria and speaks Bulgarian. For this reason, Katherine, who was German in the books, became Bulgarian in the series.
  • Nina attended Wexford Collegiate, an arts school in Toronto. In 2007, she began her post secondary studies at Ryerson University in Toronto, where she was majoring in Sociology. Nina also trained at the Dean Armstrong Acting Studio in Toronto, Ontario.
  • She's a huge fan of the "Harry Potter" series, by J.K. Rowling.
  • Her father is a computer specialist and her mother is an artist.
  • Good friends with Lily Collins, Julianne Hough and her older brother Derek Hough. She spent thanksgiving and Christmas of 2013 with the Hough family.
  • Ranked #53 on Maxim magazine's Hot 100 Women of 2014 list.

Nina-Dobrev-sexy-hot-The-Vampire-Diaries-Elena-Gilbert-XXX-Becky-Clearidge-nina-dobrev**EXCLUSIVE** Nina Dobrev, star of the CW show "Vampire Diaries," enjoys the white sands of the Turks and Caicos Islands with friendsNina-Dobrev-sexy-hot-The-Vampire-Diaries-Elena-Gilbert-XXX-Becky-Clearidge-nina-dobrevnina-dobrev-esquire-magazine-03 Nina-Dobrev-sexy-hot-The-Vampire-Diaries-Elena-Gilbert-XXX-Becky-Clearidge-nina-dobrev50942a71f1e476fb990f2f1d64412b40Nina Dobrev covers February 2011 Issue of Canadas flare magazine the fashion dealer vampire diaries fashion shoot 1

tumblr_mx3b7tvkKS1rjtt9yo1_1280Nina-Dobrev-sexy-hot-The-Vampire-Diaries-Elena-Gilbert-XXX-Becky-Clearidge-nina-dobrev Nina-Dobrev-5Nina-Dobrev-sexy-hot-The-Vampire-Diaries-Elena-Gilbert-XXX-Becky-Clearidge-nina-dobrev


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Nina-Dobrev-for-Esquire-August-nina-dobrev-31307221-245-170Nina-Dobrev-sexy-hot-The-Vampire-Diaries-Elena-Gilbert-XXX-Becky-Clearidge-nina-dobrev Nina-Dobrev-sexy-hot-The-Vampire-Diaries-Elena-Gilbert-XXX-Becky-Clearidge-nina-dobrev THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

Nina-Dobrev-Wallpaper-nina-dobrev-25120719-1920-1080  S3-Cartaz2-772x1024 season-4-poster-the-vampire-diaries-31112475-2416-1620sepia_boobs_woman_panties_bra_nina_dobrev_hd-wallpaper-2881971 The-Vampire-Diaries.Season-4.Promo-Photo-8



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