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HOMELAND (SHO) - Watch The 2 Part Season Premiere!


Season 4 Episode 1

"The Drone Queen"

As CIA Chief of Station in Kabul, Carrie makes a critical decision when her counterpart in Islamabad delivers urgent intelligence on a high value target. Back in the States, Saul struggles to adjust to his new role in the private sector...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


Episode 401


Carrie is now the station chief in Kabul. She gets a call that there is actionable intelligence that a highly sought after terrorist named Haissam Haqqani is at a location. The only option is an airstrike. She speaks with Sandy (Corey Stoll), the Islamabad station chief. He tells her the info is from a source that has been reliable on several other occasions but won't tell her anything about the identity of the source. Carrie is given the authority to engage. After assessing all of the factors she gives the go-ahead, primarily because Haqqani is dangerous and the source has been right before. Two bombs are dropped on the building.

Carrie is late for an online chat with her sister Maggie (Amy Hargreaves) back home. Maggie is taking care of Carrie's daughter Frannie. Originally Carrie had been scheduled for a position which allowed her to bring family and the fact she ended up in a war zone is a source of frustrations for Maggie. Carrie rarely sees her daughter, even online.

At the target people attempting to find survivors in the wreckage of the attack.

Saul (Mandy Patinkin) is now working for a private contractor and a high level government pitch meeting with his boss doesn't appear to be going well when Saul suggests ideas counter to his company attaining the contract.

Carrie watches TV coverage reporting that 40 civilians were killed in the attack, which was at a wedding. Carrie realizes that if the wedding report is verifiable it will be a political nightmare.

Sandy and his deputy Quinn (Rupert Friend), meet with the US Ambassador to Pakistan, Martha Boyd (Laila Robins). She's upset about the potential PR backlash. Sandy is convinced the wedding claim is nonsense and thinks it was Haqqani who put his family members at risk. Quinn seems bugged by this.

A young male survivor of the bombing named Aayan (Akshay Kumar) wakes up ans is told that his parents are dead. He rushes to the wreckage and finds his mother's body laid out in a makeshift outdoor morgue.

At that moment Carrie is looking at a live drone shot of the area. She sees Aayan who is looking up into the sky, right into the drone's camera lens. Carrie sees that there were far more civilians at the site than they had been led to believe by Sandy's source. Quinn calls Carrie to fill her in about what happens at the embassy. He thinks the attack "feels different" and doesn't like that Carrie is so focused on the CIA being "bulletproof on this."

Saul comes home and tells Mira about his bad day. He is shows uncertainty about the private sector and their being in New York for three years, but Mira isn't having it. "It's my turn," she says.

Aayan is a student at a medical school in Islamabad. He shows up and tells his roommate Rahim what happens. Aayan's cell phone survived the attack and he has a lengthy video from during the wedding, right up to the moment of the lethal attack.

The pilot who carried out the attack confronts Carrie at a bar. He calls her and the other higher-ups "monsters."

During a study session Rahim suggests Aayan needs to go public. The Americans are publically denying that there was a wedding and this is bothering him. Rahim thinks Aayan should post his video online. Aayan doesn't have any interest in getting involved with politics.

Carrie is woken by a call from director Lockhart. He tells her video of the wedding is online. He orders her to go to Islamabad, meet with Sandy and finds a way to "spin this."

After watching the wedding video Saul tries to call Carrie but she doesn't pick up.

Aayan returns to his room and yells at Rahim for posting the video without his knowledge. He demands he call his cousin and have it taken down.

Shortly before Carrie's arrival Sandy tells Quinn he's not feeling well and needs to lie down. This is a ruse so he can discreetly leave to meet his contact. He heads onto the streets of Islamabad.

Quinn meets Carrie at the airport. He tells her that Sandy has been pretty shady with regard to the asset. Quinn talks to Carrie about what happened with the civilians and is bothered that she seems so cavalier. At this point they see on TV that Sandy has been exposed as the local CIA Chief through the Pakistani media.

Sandy goes to the apartment where he usually meets his asset but finds the locks have been changed. His asset doesn't respond to texts. Quinn calls him to tell him his cover has been blown. He and Carrie are coming to meet him and set a pick-up location.

Sandy moves out onto the streets and is immediately recognizeded. Just as he is cornered on a street Quinn and Carrie pull up and he jumps in the car. As the mob grows they try to drive off, but find their path blocked by traffic. The crowd begins smashing the windows. Quinn tells Carrie there is a gun in the back seat but she's unable to find it. Quinn shoots several of those in the mob but they're unable to prevent Sandy from being pulled out and beaten to death. Quinn manages to drive away.

Carrie and Quinn return to the embassy. She wants them to head inside quickly and brief Martha. Quinn says he needs a minute, and Carrie doesn't seem even remotely sympathetic. She goes inside and has to wipe blood off her face before meeting Martha.

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Season 4 Episode 2

"Trylon and Perisphere"

An official inquiry brings Carrie back to the States, where she struggles with her ambivalence towards motherhood. Quinn spirals out of control, while a disgraced former case officer reveals disturbing new information...




We open "TWO DAYS LATER" with Sandy's body being returned to the United States. Quinn and Carrie give Sandy's widow their condolences.

Carrie pulls up to Maggie's house and is about to knock when she hears the baby crying. She tries to bail but just as she starts to walk back to the car Maggie walks outside with Frannie. Carrie is uncomfortable with her daughter and doesn't seem interested in seeing the child.

We see Quinn sitting alone by the pool at his apartment complex drinking a bottle of booze. He casually tosses the empty bottle into the pool. The female apartment manager finds him there, and extremely intoxicated and the two end up in bed together.

A TV reporter approaches Aayan at his school. He doesn't want to speak, but answers that while what happened to his family was horrible, he thinks what happened to Sandy was also wrong. He leaves, but looks back from his room to see Rahim giving an interview. In his room Aayan fills a bag with dozens of racks of some kind of injection.

The next morning the woman Quinn slept with wakes up and sees him come out of the shower. She seems to expect this was a one-night stand and looks pleasantly surprised when Quinn asks her if she wants to get breakfast.

Maggie and Carrie have another debate about Frannie. Maggie's not happy Carrie is only home for a few days and is open about her feeling Carrie's not fulfilling her responsibilities as a parent.

Lockhart tells Carrie he wants her to join him for Senate hearings related to the bombing. He says she's back in the U.S. permanently as part of a measure of "accountability."

Quinn and the apartment manager go to a diner. Two men make comments about her weight and Quinn overhears. One of the men is particularly crude. Quinn snaps, slamming the crude man's head into the table and headbutting the other one unconscious. He returns to the first, but stops short of ramming a napkin holder into the man's head and seems shocked by what he's just done.

Carrie gets a phone call that Quinn is in jail and leaves home. Quinn put one of the men in the hospital but she's able to get him released with just a fine.

We see Aayan on a bus, clutching his bag of injections. He goes to the home of his girlfriend/classmate, Kiran. He tells her he thinks Rahim has ruined his life and then asks her to hold some things for him.

Carrie goes to see Jordan Harris, a case officer who used to work under Sandy but was shipped home without reason. Harris has no interest in talking.

Maggie is furious with Carrie that she left the nanny with Frannie to attend to work stuff. Maggie had to cancel on several patients so the babysitter could pick up her own kids. Carrie tells her that it won't be a problem going forward since she's home permanently.

Carrie spends the next day alone with Frannie. She brings her to Brody's old home. She holds the baby and cries, telling Frannie that since Brody's death she can't remember why she had her. While bathing Frannie Carrie appears to consider for a second the possibility of letting Frannie drown.

Adal tells Saul that people are growing dissatisfied with Lockhart. He thinks there's a chance Saul could get back in the mix and asks if he's interested. Saul says that "officially" he's enjoying the private sector.

With Frannie in the car Carrie waits for Harris in the parking lot. She jumps in his car and demands he talk. He tells her that Sandy wasn't responsible. Harris had flown to DC to report an intelligence leak to Lockahrt in person and found himself fired and shipped off to a paper-pushing job.

Carrie speaks with Saul briefly before Sandy's funeral. She walks over to Lockhart and tells him what she learned from Harris. She uses this information to leverage him into putting her back in the field as Sandy's replacement. In the church Carrie tells Saul she wants his company to help her with security when she gets to Pakistan. Carrie asks Quinn to join him in Islamabad. He refuses.

Carrie tells Maggie she's going back into the field. She claims it wasn't her call but Maggie doesn't buy it. They get in yet another fight about Frannie, with Maggie demanding that Carrie at least have the courage to say good-bye to her daughter. Carrie goes up to Frannie's room and tells the infant "I'm sorry."

Quinn comes home as has a note from the hotel manger on his door. It says "No one ever fought for me before," and has a lipstick kiss on it. Quinn sits down and begins drinking again.

Two men break into Aayan's room in the middle of the night. They rough him up, take his laptop and warn him not to speak to the press.

The episode ends with Carrie on a small plan bound for Islamabad.

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