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HOMELAND (SHO) - The Ultimate Recap!

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Season 4 Episode 6

"From A to B and Back Again"

Carrie puts her operation in motion...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


Open with Carrie and Aayan in bed. She gives him his passport and some cash, telling him the plan is for him to leave that night.

Carrie returns to the embassy looking for help with a special operation related to Aayan. After an argument with Quinn she seeks out Redmond.

Aayan goes to his dorm to collect some things. While there he runs into Kiran and tells her he's moving to London. She asks him to take her with him but he refuses. He talks about the journalist who is helping him and she asks if he loves her. His response is that "I've only known her a short while." Aayan spots a man waiting for him outside the school but manages to lose him.

Quinn is told that Ghazi never actually landed in South Africa.

Carrie returns to her residence and spots the same man who was following Aayan. She and Aayan talk about the fact he was followed and they discuss how serious that is. She thinks they need to push back their departure. He tells her about running into Kiran at his dorm and admits he told her where he was going. Aayan tells Carrie his uncle can get him across the border.

Carrie gives him his passport and cash, but just then men break into the home and try to grab them both. They get Carrie but Aayan gets away. On the street Aayan sees Carrie tossed into a van.

We see in the van that the men were there on behalf of Carrie. The CIA's plan now is to watch Aayan and see where he goes.

Back at the embassy Carrie checks in with the team. There is a tracking device in Aayan's passport. Fara seems concerned with Aayan getting mixed up in the operation. Carrie reminds her that all of this is because she failed trying to recruit him in the first place. Fara points out how vital she was to the efforts to track Aayan and Haqqani.

Carrie and the team start tracking Aayan. He gets on a bus they believe is headed for one of Haqqani's training camps.

Fara cleans up the safe house. We see Dennis peering in from a broken window.

During Aayan's bus ride the vehicle is stopped by military. They check everyone's papers and Aayan is only able to get away via bribe.

Quinn is informed that Saul never arrived in DC. Worse, he cannot be reached at any of the likely locations.

During one of the bus' stops Aayan uses a payphone to call Haqqani. His second call is to Carrie. He tells her she was all he thought about during his ride. With the rest of the team listening he tells her he loves her and can't wait to see her. She reciprocates.

Later Carrie asks for Redmond for his opinion. He says "mostly" he thinks that she is reason they are about to get their hands on Haqqani.

Dennis meets with his ISI contact. He shows her pictures of Carrie's medication and says he thinks the new station chief is bipolar, if not something more severe. He also shows her the location of the CIA's safe house he found while following Fara. He then gives her info on Aayan and says the CIA is clearly interested in him.

A group of armed men who work for Haqqani arrive at a remote location to meet Aayan.

Word reaches Quinn that Saul never actually got on his plane in the first place.

With Carrie's team watching through a drone another vehicle drives up to Aayan's location. Haqqani gets out and starts speaking with Aayan. He then pulls Saul out of the back of the car and tells Aayan this is the former head of the CIA and a close associate of his supposed journalist friend. Haqqani knows they're being watched from the sky. He says he's grateful for Aayan's help, then shoots him in the head. Carrie then orders them to attack the location, but Quinn and Redmond shut down the order given Saul's presence.

The episode ends with Carrie pacing her office, then knocking things off her desk in frustration.


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