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HOMELAND (SHO) - Quinn can't quit, and Saul is the man again...

homeland season 4 episode 12 finale carrie

Season 4 Episode 12

"Long Time Coming"

Back in the States, Carrie and Saul investigate what she saw in Islamabad...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


Carrie looks at an accumulation of her dad’s stuff. His shoes, clothes, his chess set and matchbox collection. Maggie asks her how bad it was over there and Carrie says it was horrible. She asks if she’s taking her meds and Carrie says she is and you can’t blame it on that. Maggie asks what she’s talking about then the doorbell rings. She looks out the window and sees a black SUV outside her house. She goes down to answer it and it’s Dar. He asks if he can come in but she says Franny is sleeping and steps outside. He offers condolences on the loss of her dad. He asks to talk.

He wants to know where Quinn is and she says she doesn’t know and that he may be back in Islamabad hunting Haqqani. He says Haqqani is under the protection of the Pakistan Armed Forces. He says they have to get through the Congressional hearings before they do anything else. He asks her to let him know when she hears from Quinn. She says if she hears from him, she’ll let him know.

Tasreem is on the TV making a statement about how the US has interfered so horribly in Pakistan. Saul watches the broadcast. She says no state can accept these dictates and says it’s good riddance if the US wants to break off with them. Mira comes in and tells Saul he’s going to drive himself crazy. He’s worried about Haqqani releasing the video of him. He says he’s already been fired and was sent a severance check.

He tells her he wants back in at the CIA to make this right. He says he has to get ready for a meeting.

Carrie is out with Franny at the park. She sits on a bench and is approached by a man. He says he’s used to seeing Franny with Frank and asks where he’s been. He didn’t know his friend dad. She asks if they were park friends and he says he was and she must be Carrie. He says his name was Billy and that Frank talked about her a lot.

He says Frank was crazy about her and Franny and always said Carrie was coming back for her daughter. He says Frank said she was made of strong stuff and would be there for Fran. She says he really shared with him and he says it looks like he was right. She thanks him for telling him that and he asks about a service for her dad. She says it’s tomorrow. She sees a car with Missouri tags in the driveway when she comes back.

The nanny takes Franny off her hands as she goes inside. She is surprised to see her mom in the kitchen. She freaks and asks what this is. She tells her she has a lot of nerve and Carrie reminds her she’s been gone 15 years. She asks to meet Franny and Carrie says too bad. She says she made a hard decision a long time ago and is sorry for it. Carrie says – too little, too late. She asks if she should go. Maggie doesn’t want their mom to go but Carrie tells her to go.

She slams out and Maggie goes to run after her. Carrie says – fuck her – but Maggie says she doesn’t speak for both of them. Their mom drives off and Maggie tells her – good going, now we won’t see her for another 15 years. Carrie says – works for me. Saul waits for his meeting with Joe. He invites Saul in and says with Lockhart on the ropes, he’d like to bring him in but if the video is released, would derail any confirmation hearings.

Saul asks if he knows why Haqqani hasn’t released it. Joe says he doesn’t but has some questions for him. Carrie tells Maggie she thought she hated their mom and Maggie says she thought she did, but is the only mom they have. Carrie says – she walked out on us, what kind of person does that. Maggie reminds her that she walked out on her daughter but Carrie says she was always coming back and stayed in touch.

Carrie says she can’t deal with their mom after the mind f- of Islamabad and losing their dad. Carrie asks if their mom left a number but she says Carrie ran her out too fast. Carrie speaks at her dad’s service the next day about his quirks, habits and favorite things. She tears up and says he was a man of extremes who loved she and Maggie like crazy. She says they all know he had demons but lived with them and taught her how to live with them.

We see Saul and Mira in the pews. She says Frank loved her daughter with that same crazy love and helped with her. She says Franny won’t remember but tells her dad that she’ll remember for her. She steps down. She sits and takes her daughter in her arms and she and her sister comfort each other. Carrie gets hugs outside from fellow mourners. In the distance, she sees Quinn. She excuses herself and goes to him.

She tells him thank God and takes him in her arms. He tells her hey and hugs her back. She says she was worried about him. He asks if she’s okay and she says she is. She asks how he got out and he says German Intelligence helped him – his ex-GF Astrid. He says he hung back a while hoping for another shot at him. She says she had a shot at Haqqani but Aasar stopped her. He says it’s all over now and she says – hopefully. She tells him Dar is looking for him.

He asks why and she says he didn’t say but that Quinn should stay away from that motherf&*^er. At the house, Maggie asks who Quinn is and Carrie says he’s a work buddy. He’s playing with Franny and Maggie comments that she seems to like Quinn. Carrie pulls Saul outside for a chat. He tells her Joe doesn’t think there’s any US deal with Haqqani. He says he didn’t tell Joe about Dar. She says it was definitely Dar.

Quinn comes out with a bottle of Irish whiskey and the three of them share drinks. She says she’s learned a lot about her dad and says he was arrested several times protesting. Saul says that he knew it and says he got hundreds of letters routed that her dad wrote George requesting she be reassigned away from Baghdad. Lockhart shows up and says he would have been there earlier but that he was meeting with lawyers. He has a lasagne his wife made and offers his condolences.

He goes to leave but the three invite him to stay and have a drink. Quinn pours him a whiskey and they toast. Later, Quinn helps them do dishes and clean up. Carrie goes to check on Franny and Maggie asks Quinn if he was in Pakistan with her. She says she’s never seen her sister so thrown and he says a lot went wrong there. Carrie finds Franny awake and giggly. She tucks her blanket around her and goes downstairs.

Maggie asks if she’s okay and she tells Maggie she’ll be right back and heads outside with Quinn. Maggie watches them go. She tells Quinn that Franny took a shine to him and says he’s been quiet. He says he’s been thinking about all this – being home, away from all that. She says a normal life and he says it feels good to laugh. She says tonight was fun and asks if that’s awful. He says it’s not and she says it was sad but fun.

They stare at each other and then they both go for the kiss. He presses up against her and then she stops it and steps away. She tells him she’ll just fuck it up but he says she won’t. She says she does and know how it goes – it ends badly. He says – until it doesn’t. He tells her he’s seen her at her worst and she says he should be heading for the hills. He says he doesn’t want a black hole like Islamabad in his life. He says he wants out but has learned he can’t stay out on his own.

She says she hasn’t been helpful in that regard. He says she could be and that they could get out together. She smiles a little and he tells her to think about it. He touches her face and she touches his hand there. He gets in his truck and heads out. She watches him go then heads back inside the house. At three a.m., she lies awake. She gets up and goes into her dad’s room. She opens a drawer and pulls out a box. There’s a rose inside and a photo from his wedding day.

She leafs through some photos from the box of her parents when they were younger. Next morning, she tells Maggie she’s going to find their mom. She says she wants their mom to look her in the eye and explain herself. She offers to keep Franny but Carrie says she doesn’t want to leave her daughter again. Maggie says babies and road trips are a bad mix. Carrie relents and hands her daughter over to her sister. Maggie tells Franny to say bye bye and waves the baby’s hand at her.

Quinn is back at his apartment when one of his buddy’s approaches him and says Group has been looking for him. They found three high value IS targets in Aleppo. He says it’s a small window and Quinn says he’s out. He tells him he’s really out for good and isn’t going. The guy tells him to show up tomorrow and Quinn says forget it.

He tells Quinn that they are 20% less likely to pull this off without him and lives will be lost. Quinn says he’s sorry and he hands him a stack of letters and says it’s his job to deliver them if some of them don’t make it back. He tells Quinn happy holidays and leaves. Carrie drives to Missouri to locate their mom. She lands in a small town and then pulls up in front of a nice old fashioned two story Southern home.

She knocks on the door and looks around. A young guy comes to the door and she says she’s looking for Ellen. He says she’s at work and he asks who she is. She says she’s a friend and can come back. He has to leave as well but tells her what school her mom works at. She drives a little bit away then sighs. She sees the teenager riding away on a bike and then goes to the school where her mom teaches.

She asks about the boy and her mom says that’s her half-brother Tim. Carrie asks if she left her children to go and have more children. She asks if Carrie can meet her at her house after school. Carrie agrees. Dar meets Saul at a diner to talk. Dar says he heard he met with Crocker and Saul says it was just damage assessment. Dar says Lockhart’s resignation will be in next week and says he can get Saul on the short list as his replacement.

Saul says he must be having a senior moment and then Dar hands him something. He says it’s the video of him and Haqqani and he’s been assured that’s the only copy and that it won’t be released even if it’s not. Saul asks what Dar did to get this and he says he reached out to Haqqani and offered to take him off the kill list as long as he didn’t harbor terrorists in Afghanistan. Saul says he his the terrorist. Dar reminds him that Menachim Begim killed British citizens before taking over as Prime Minister.

Saul says this sounds like sedition. Dar says Haqqani will be in Kabul by Christmas and Saul asks why he’d keep his word. He says Haqqani handing over the tape was a gesture of good faith. Dar asks him to come back and lead them. He says the agency is waiting on Saul with open arms. Carrie lies on a bed in her hotel room when her phone rings. It’s Quinn. He says he heard a rumor she was in Missouri.

She says she chased her mom down and says she should have called him. She asks how he is but he says he’s wondering about her. He offers to come to Missouri but she says no. She says she’s in the middle of something and tells him she has a brother she never knew about. She says she can’t think about anything else right now. He tells her if it’s a no to him, just say it. She says it’s not. She says she’s on a crazy road trip like her dad used to take.

She says she’s no good for him or anyone else. He asks if that’s a no and she asks him not to pressure her. She says she’ll be back in a few days and they can talk then. They ring off. She’s waiting for her mom when she gets home from school. She asks if Tim’s father is around and her mom says he left before Tim was born. She asks how old he is and she says he’s 15.

Carrie asks why she didn’t just say she was pregnant and she says she couldn’t and that it’s hard to explain. Carrie tells her to try. She says she wasn’t very good at being married to her dad or anyone. Carrie says she doesn’t get it. Her mom invites her inside. She asks if her dad knew she was pregnant and she says he didn’t know about Tim’s father but knew she was sleeping around.

Carrie says her dad never said anything and her mom says he was loyal. She says he’d forgive her then she would do it again until it ruined them. She says her dad always said she left because he was impossible. Her mom says he wasn’t easy and could be a circus but says she was the one that broke it apart. She says she got pregnant and couldn’t face what she’s done. She tells Carrie not to blame her dad.

Carrie says she doesn’t and tells her mom she left just when she needed her. She says in her first year of college she got sick like dad and was institutionalized. She says she just wanted her mom but she never called or even sent a letter. Her mom says she had hurt so many people that she just had to stop and do one right thing – focus on Tim. She says that’s what she did. Carrie tells her she has to go.

Her mom asks if she’s okay and Carrie says she thought being with bipolar meant you couldn’t be with someone for the long haul because of her parents. Her mom tells her not to believe that and says it is possible. Carrie gets back to her hotel and starts packing in a fury. She shoves things in her bag and then grabs her phone and calls Quinn but gets a message that the number is no longer in service.

She calls again and gets the same message. She sends a text instead. She calls Dar and gets voice mail. She leaves a message asking simply where Quinn is. We see Quinn in a hangar meeting the crew for the mission. He asks who the new guy is and his buddy calls out Dale. The guy walks over and Quinn tells him he’s not going and that Quinn is going in his place. He hands him the stack of letters and on top, we see one for Carrie.

He goes to lock and load his equipment with the others. Carrie gets back to town and heads directly to Dar’s house. She rings the bell twice impatiently. He answers and she asks why he didn’t call back. She asks where he is and he tells her they can’t talk out there. She comes inside. He says he’s likely in Syria by now and she says she needs to talk to him. He says they went dark an hour ago and they can’t reach them. He says the mission is open ended and are responsible for their own extraction out of Iraq.

She says again that she has to talk to him and he says no. She tells him she saw him with Haqqani in Islamabad. He asks what she’s playing at and she tells him to give her what she f-ing wants. She threatens to go to the press. He tells her to talk to Saul before she does that. She says Saul would spit in his face for making a deal after what Haqqani did at the Embassy.

He tells her to ask Saul herself and opens the door. She sees Saul on the back porch and is shocked. She glares then stomps out without another word to either of them. She gets in her car and takes off. She’s teary but drives on.

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homeland season 4 episode 12 finale

homeland season 4 episode 12 finale homeland season 4 episode 12 finale homeland season 4 episode 12 finale homeland season 4 episode 12 finale homeland season 4 episode 12 finale

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