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HOMELAND (SHO) - Iron in the Fire!


Season 4 Episode 4

"Iron in the Fire"

Carrie gets a tip from Redmond regarding Quinn's lead. Saul calls in a favor with an old friend in the Pakistani military. Fara uncovers a deep-rooted conspiracy...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


Carrie sits in her office looking at research on insurgents. Redmond comes in and startles her. He asks what she’s looking at. She says she’s trying to get familiar with the local ISI agents. He tells her she won’t find Farhad Ghazi in that database because he’s an outsource guy the ISI uses. He leaves her to look through the file he pulled up for her. She prints his photo.

Aayan is back on the bus looking tense. He gets off at Kiran’s house and knocks on the door. Her dad isn’t there so she lets him in. He asks if she has the bag he left and she says Baba found it. Aayan says he need the bag but she says he smashed everything and wouldn’t stop even though he begged. She asks who the medicine was for and then her father comes in and calls him a drug dealer.

Her dad says he reported him to the medical school for stealing drugs and says he’ll be expelled. He throws Aayan out of their house while he yells that they’re wrong and they’ll see. He leaves. Carrie is watched as she gets out of her car at Saul’s hotel. He’s checking out but she asks if they can talk. She asks if he still has local contacts and asks if he’s talked to them lately. She tells him Sandy’s death was pre-meditated by the ISI. She shows him the pic from the video then tells him it’s Ghazi who does wetwork for ISI. She says only she and Quinn know but he says the White House needs to know.

Carrie says some diplomats will be kicked out and that’s the end of it. She says something larger is going on and he tells her Quinn called him last week concerned about her. She says Quinn is the one who’s wigging out. She asks if Saul is going to help or not. Quinn shows up to the office and Fara greets him but says Carrie isn’t in yet. She offers him coffee and he accepts. He finds a free office and asks her to catch him up.

She tells him Carrie is with Saul talking about the operation. She says Carrie is good and he’s impressed how fast Carrie got the station up and running. Max comes in and tells Fara that Aayan is there. She heads in to talk to him. He says he’ll only talk to Carrie and Fara says she’ll be there in about 10 minutes. He starts to leave and she offers to let him wait in private in her office and gets him to stay.

She sits him down and offers him a glass of water. He’s nervous but he stays. Redmond’s guy reports back on Carrie’s movements. He wonders if anyone on her detail will play ball with the. He asks the guy to find out where the frame grab Carrie had of Ghazi came from. Carrie shows up and nods to Quinn but heads straight in to talk to Aayan.

He asks about getting him out of Pakistan. She says they get sources out of tricky situations all the time. He says he needs 80,000 rupees (about $600) and she says she needs to know what it’s for. He says he can’t tell her. She shows him Ghazi’s photo and asks if this is who threatened him. She says if it is, he’s in more trouble than he can imagine. The kid starts crying and she comforts him. Quinn watches.

She asks Aayan what’s going on and kneels beside him and asks if he’s been blackmailed. She asks why he needs the money and he says he can’t tell her. She asks if the money will fix whatever it is and he says it might and she agrees. She asks Fara for the money. Carrie asks to send someone with him but he says he has to do it alone. Fara hands over the money and Carrie gives it to her. Aayan thanks her and she says to be safe and to come back to them as soon as possible to get out of the country.

She sends Fara to track the kid. Max is already in the van. Quinn comes out and tells Carrie that getting the kid asylum is a tough sell. She says Ghazi visited the kid last week and he’s intrigued. They head out. The Ambassador’s husband is finishing a lecture when a woman comes in and says she knows his friend Sandy. He asks who she is and she says she benefited from their friendship and says his death doesn’t have to end that.

She tells him she knows he was the one providing classified documents from the Ambassador’s desk to them. Hmm but does his wife know he was leaking the docs or is he stealing from her? Saul shows up meet with a contact – Bunny. They greet each other warmly and Bunny says tongues are wagging all over the club. Saul offers to go elsewhere but Bunny says f- all the guys that are looking.

Carrie and her guys are watching Ghazi and they bugged his home phone and laptop. She wants his cell bugged and they tell her they need to get within five feet of him. Quinn suggests they try while he’s asleep if the guy stays in his apartment. Bunny and Saul chat over lunch about how times have changed and Bunny says he knows 9/11 is an Israeli hoax. Saul says that’s crazy. Bunny thinks Bush was lying about Iraq so why not 9/11.

Saul says he needs to talk to someone from ISI and Bunny says it’s not a good time for that. He tells Saul to go home and spend time with his wife. Saul reminds him he owes him a favor and Bunny says it’s late in the game to call in a chit. He says the Americans are being driven out just like the Russians were. Bunny says the Taliban has won. Saul tells him he can do the favor to be gracious.

Fara and Max follows Aayan’s taxi. It pulls over. They are at Ommaya, the teaching hospital, and Max wonders why he’s there. The kid gets out and Fara says they need to hear and she says she’ll keep out of sight. She pulls up her hood, gets out of the car and heads closer. Max checks in on her ear bud and she says she can’t get any closer. He’s handing the money to a woman and she says it looks like she told him to wait. They decide to wait too.

Quinn sneaks up on Ghazi’s place and picks the lock. He has a silenced gun with him. Carrie and the others watch him on the cameras they’ve bugged the guy’s place with. He creeps closer and triggers the app to access the phone. The guy has a gun by his bed where his phone is. The blackberry switches on and they’ve got it cloned but then the guy’s phone rings. Quinn creeps out and hides behind a wall but is stuck in the apartment.

They listen in on the call which was in Urdu. Ghazi gets off the call and looks out the window. He walks back to his bedroom and Carrie tells Quinn to go now. Parvez tells Carrie the call was local and it was a friend asking him to go clubbing. Boyd calls about changing jobs to get out of Pakistan. He begs his friend Bill to get any job he can back in the states that he can sell to his wife. He comes in and finds Martha, his ambassador wife, still in her office working.

She asks if something is wrong and he says GW offered him his old job back. He says Bill Nicholas himself called to end his exile. He says they want him back as soon as possible and he says within a week. She asks if he’s just going to leave and he says he can’t say no. She asks if their marriage will survive another separation. He says he can’t risk his career and she says he risked it plagiarizing a chapter of a book (guess that’s why he’s in academic exile).

He tells her it’s not good for Toby to be so far away from home. He says he has spent his whole life following her around. He tells her he already took the job and she says fine and that figures. She goes back to work and effectively dismisses him. He leaves. She looks unhappy.

Carrie asks Quinn about the psych eval and he reveals that he’s close to being done. She says that makes her even more grateful that he’s there. She asks if that’s why he didn’t come with her to Kabul. He says he didn’t want to live in a bunker and kill people by remote control. She says that’s harsh. He says when he killed that kid, he was pretty much done. He says he remembers that kid’s name – Carlos – but doesn’t remember most of the others he’s killed.
[14-10-19 10:50:58 PM] Rachel Rowan: He tells her going mission to mission is like a drug. Carrie says he wasn’t a bad guy but he insists he was and she asks why he’s doing this. He says she needs to hear it. She says she needs help. Quinn tells Carrie he’ll stay at the surveillance shop and she leaves wishing him good night. On the way back, Carrie stares out the window in thought.

Early in the morning, Max wakes Fara and tells her the nurse is coming out that Aayan gave the money to. She wakes up and they snap photos of the woman. They spot Aayan who greets the nurse. She slips him a bag. They wonder what it is and Fara says likely medicine. The kid goes for a cab and they scramble to follow. Carrie tells Redmond to call off his guys and says ISI is enough of a tail to shake. He tries to say it’s keeping her safe in the wake of what happened to Sandy but she tells him to stop.

She says he has no trouble getting out and he tells her about a secret tunnel. She asks why he didn’t tell her and he says she never asked. Saul is having breakfast at his hotel when all the other diners get up and leave and some imposing people come in and close the doors. A guy checks Saul and frisks him. Saul asks what the f- this is. They pry the SIM card out of his phone as well. A man sits down at his table and he asks if Bunny sent him.

Saul says he wants to talk about Sandy’s murder. The man asks why’s speaking, Saul ex-CIA, Saul private consultant or Carrie. Saul asks who wanted him murdered and then he tell him who’s asking. He says he was recognized on the street and killed for drone strike retaliation. Saul says he knows an ISI operative was on the ground orchestrating the whole thing. Saul says the timing of the leak explains a lot. The man gets bristly and Saul says it wouldn’t be the first time ISI targeted one of them. The man gets up and says this meeting was only a courtesy for Bunny and he leaves.

Carrie shows up at the surveillance point and she says Saul called her to confirm he stirred the pot. She asks to talk to Quinn in private. She says she knows he didn’t want to come back there and thanks him again and says it means a lot. She says they would be nowhere on this without him and he says they still might be. She asks if they’re good and he says they are.

There’s traffic involving a cabbage truck accident. Aayan peeks out of his cab and Fara says he’s stuck too but is getting out. She says they’re going to lose him. She pulls up her veil and Max tells her not to do anything stupid. She hops out and he slides over to drive. She hurries after Aayan through the mess of cars. He’s in a tunnel under the street and then in a market. She keeps her distance. He comes out and she’s cut off by a pedicab and loses him.

She keeps going, looking around. A bunch of young men run into a mosque and she finally spots him – he’s handed off the bag of medicine to someone and then some trucks pull up. Armed men get out and she hides her face. Carrie wakes Quinn as Gharzi gets a call and he shouts for Qadir, the translator. The caller is a woman speaking Arabic. He ends the call.

Quinn says the caller says his laundry is ready for pickup. He crushes his phone and Carrie says it’s an exit code. They didn’t trace the caller and they tell her the guy is running. She curses and says they have to take him. Quinn asks if she’s kidding. She says he’s the only link between Sandy’s murder and the ISI. Quinn says the guy is highly trained. She heads out and Quinn says the guy could have back up.

Fara calls and Carrie doesn’t want to take it but she says it’s urgent. She tells Carrie that Haqqani is alive and she just saw him with Aayan. She says they embraced and then the guy left in an SUV. Carrie asks if she’s sure and Fara tells her she sent her a video. They tell her Gharzi is leaving but she says they may have a game changer here. She watches the video and, sure enough, it’s Haqqani. The Taliban said they killed him.

She asks if Fara can follow but she says she’s on foot. She tells her good job and to get back to the office in case Aayan shows up. She asks what Quinn is thinking and he says that Sandy’s death makes sense now. He was killed to protect Haqqani and Quinn says the guy wasn’t there at all and that they wanted to get him off the American’s radar. They wonder what ISI’s angle is.

Professor Boyd is there to pack up his office but the mystery woman is there with a couple of thugs. He tells her she’s risking a serious diplomatic incident. He says he’s not the guy and he’s leaving. She tells him he’s not and has had a change of heart. Her guys punch him and force him into a chair. Boyd demands a call and she brings him his phone.

She says if he calls, a packet will arrive to FBI HQ in DC showing the documents he stole from his wife’s computer and a time line showing what he’s done. She says he’ll be arrested for treason and his wife’s career is done. He asks who she is and she says he can call her Tasmeen and beyond that, he doesn’t need to know. She says he can leave Islamabad a free man if he does what she wants. She says the FBI and his wife will never know. She hands him a key and he asks what it is. She says it’s how they begin.

Back at the office, Carrie tells Fara that Aayan will be back. She says if he had another way, he would have gone with Haqqani. Fara asks if she should start on a passport for him and reminds her she promised to get him out of Pakistan. Carrie says he’s not going anywhere and that he’s aiding a terrorist. Carrie says a stalking horse is something you hide between when stalking quarry. She says that’s what they’ll do to get his uncle. Fara says he’ll never agree and Carrie says to get him to the safe house and she’ll worry about it.

Quinn sits at his desk late, bouncing a ball off the wall. Carrie lies in bed sleeping when there’s a knock. She flips on the light and goes to the door. Fara is there with Aayan. She lets the kid in and tells Fara she’ll see her tomorrow. She asks if he’s okay and he says he guesses so. She asks if he did what he needed to and she asks how else she can help. He thanks her for the money and says he’ll pay her back.

She offers to take his bag but he says no. She says he can stay there and he asks about London. She says it will be two to three days to get him a passport and visa but tells him he’s safe there. She says she’ll move into a hotel tomorrow so he can have privacy but says they can make up the couch for him tonight. She goes to get bedding and a pillow but checks herself in the mirror first. She comes out and asks him to give her a hand.

He does and they pull the pillows off the sofa and she smiles at him reassuringly. He helps unfold the sheets and she chuckles and shows him how to make it up. She stands very close and bumps him then says sorry. She puts down the pillow and offers a blanket. She lays that out for him too. She says he must be exhausted and tells him to get some rest. She says it will all work out no matter what he’s feeling now. She says the worst is over and says he deserves a little grace.

He looks around and she asks what’s the matter. He says there is something he should have told her. She asks what and he says he got kicked out of medical school yesterday. She asks why and he says they accused him of stealing from the hospital pharmacy. She puts a hand on his knee and says it’s okay but he insists he didn’t do it. He asks if it will keep him out of King’s College and she says it won’t. He takes her hand and asks how and she says she’ll make them understand. She tells him not to worry so much.

She moves her hand closer to his crotch and he asks what she’s doing. She says nothing but keeps touching him. She leans in and kisses him. He looks at her in surprise and she asks if that’s okay. He says he doesn’t know. She asks if he’s never done this before and he says no. She leans in and kisses him again. She puts her arms around him and kisses him deeply and then pushes him back into the sofa. She straddles him and he kisses her back and touches her. She pauses but then he reaches for her and pulls her back into a kiss.

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HOMELAND (Season 4)

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