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Episode 403

HOMELAND (SHO) - The Ultimate Recap!

Episode 403

Season 4 Episode 3

"Shalwar Kameez"

Carrie ventures a delicate alliance with the Pakistan's secretive Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Fara fails to recruit a key asset, forcing Carrie to intervene. After the events in Islamabad, Quinn zeroes in on a potential lead...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]  


We open in Islamabad. Carrie has her security detail drop her off near the scene of Sandy's murder. She looks around and leaves.

Quinn is requesting a departure from the CIA and faces exit questions related to his stability. We see that Adal is watching from another room. Eventually Quinn becomes angry with the questions and walks out.

Carrie arrives back at the embassy, expecting to hold her first staff meeting as chief. She finds that her staff wasn't informed and the embassy is on lockdown. Carrie goes to the Martha's office and finds her talking with Sandy's second-in-command, Redmond. He'd decided not to pass along her staff meeting since there was no new business. She angrily tells him to get everyone ready. After he leaves Carrie asks Martha to lift the lockdown so they can investigate Sandy's death. She refuses.

During the staff meeting Carrie asks about Harris and his suspicions related to Sandy passing along secrets. She wonders how Sandy's information was so incredibly good and Redmond pushes back. She promises the staff she'll have the lockdown lifted.

Carrie and Redmond speak privately in her office. He's upset at least partially because he'd originally been named station chief.

Quinn tells his new girlfriend that he's quitting his job. He says he wants to do "something different." He's ignoring calls from Adal.

Carrie leaves the embassy with a security team, explaining that some limited travel is still okay. They are followed by Pakistani intelligence, ISI. Carrie gives her security a bogus meeting, then is able to lose her ISI tail. She meets with Fara and Max, who are planning a mission to reach out to Aayan. The plan is for Fara to pretend to be an English journalist and begin to gain his trust.

Adal drops by Quinn's home unannounced. He wants Quinn to convince him he can be trusted. Adal thinks that Quinn's feelings for Carrie are why Sandy ended up dead. He references the incident and Quinn puts him a choke hold, releasing him only seconds before Adal loses consciousness. "Well done, Peter," Adal says. "I knew you weren't that far gone." Quinn's girlfriend was in the back room and heard all of it.

Carrie returns from a run to find that Saul's security personnel have arrived. To her dismay Saul is there as well. She finds him in Martha's office exchanging laughs with the ambassador. She's worried Saul's presence will make it looks like she needed help. He's only there for a week, but since he is she asks him for help getting the lockdown lifted.

Fara meets with Aayan. But he is so scared after being roughed up that he won't speak with her for more than a few seconds.

We see Quinn watching Sandy's death on YouTube and attempting to figure out if Adal was actually right.

Though the mission failed, Carrie tells Fara and Max she's happy Aayan was so nervous, as that means he is potentially valuable.

Carrie and Martha share a smoke. She reveals that she and Saul were very briefly engaged. But Martha is going to rescind the lockdown.

Quinn seems to break up with his girlfriend. Before she leaves she makes reference to Carrie being a lucky woman.

Carrie gives Saul a rundown on the steps she's taken to start her work as chief. He's impressed she's already working with her own people, since it's too early to know who to trust.

Carrie pretends to be a sick woman in a bathroom at the restaurant where Aayan is eating. She pulls him inside and tells him she's Fara's boss. Carrie gets very close to Aayan and slips him her card. She says she wants to be the one to tell his story, "on behalf of your family." She says she can protect him. A connection seems to have been made.

While watching the video Quinn spots something. He calls Carrie and tells her a man with an earpiece was watching Sandy's murder. The whole thing was a setup. Carrie says this revelation means she now needs him on her team more than ever. He turns her down, but she begs. He appears to finally give in.

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Episode 403

Episode 403

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