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Hollyoaks: Lisa spies a new business venture

lisa loveday

Simone offers to educate Lisa about the family business – Price-Slicing! Unimpressed, Lisa finds an excuse to escape and helps Lockie out at the burger boat. Lisa asks Simone if she'll give her and Lockie a loan to get the business started, while Zack asks his dad for £2,000 to go to a professional football training camp. Will Zack feel forced to sacrifice his opportunity? Later, Lisa's shocked when a familiar face returns…

Reenie is shocked when Nana gets a call from 'Derek' asking her to visit him in hospital. She begs her mum not to go and Porsche questions who he is. Nana lies that she's got a migraine so she can't go to bingo with Reenie and Porsche - but is she going to see Derek?

Nico's annoyed that Sienna's trying to keep Ben away from her and tells her mum that Ben's like a father to her. Sienna returns home to find Nico with blood on her cheek... turns out Nico's done this to herself - will she try and blame Sienna?

Also, is Robbie's secret about to be revealed?

6:30pm, Friday, 11 September 2015 | Channel 4

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