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Hollyoaks: Lisa and Lockie launch the Tugboat Grill (Monday)

lisa loveday, lockie campbell

With Wayne hounding Lisa to get the reward money back for him, she panics when Lockie says he's already spent the £3k loan from Simone. The ‘Tugboat Grill’ launch is a success, until Lisa finds out Wayne's tampered with the burgers. Snatching Zack's burger away, Lisa lies that she didn’t store the meat at the right temperature. Everyone demands refunds, while Lisa agrees to help Wayne – but how?

Ben doubts Trevor's to blame for killing Carly when he sees how vulnerable he is about Dylan. As Dylan’s hearse pulls into the village, Trevor and Ben arrive, and Ben tells Sienna they need to talk about Nico. At the funeral, Trevor's emotional words affect Ben, who has to leave. Later, Sienna decides to tell him the truth about Nico. But will Nico find a way to stop her?

Harry has a shower at Diane's flat, but Ste's uncomfortable around half-naked Harry and tells him they'll never be together. Ste calls Harry's bluff when he threatens to tell his dad Tony about him being gay, so Harry backs off. Harry drafts an email telling Ste how he feels. When Tony finds the letter, how will he react?

Also, Nana visits Derek again. He's dying and wants her to forgive him for how he treated her in the past. Will Derek agree to keep their visits a secret?

6:30pm, Monday, 14 September 2015 | Channel 4


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