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Here's Your First Look at This Season's Major Arrow-The Flash Crossover

You may have noticed that Arrow and The Flash have slowly and methodically begun to lay the foundation for the series' upcoming spin-off DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Some of it was as simple as introducing Kendra Saunders or digging into Captain Cold's background, while more complicated matters like bringing Sara Lance back from the dead have rightfully taken up quite a bit of screentime. Now the shows are gearing up for their yearly crossover event, and wouldn't you know it's only three week away, just barely missing November sweeps? Marc Guggenheim, an executive producer for Arrowand Legends of Tomorrow, broke the news on Twitter Tuesday by revealing a photo from the episode.

That is, from left to right, Speedy, Green Arrow, Black Canary, the Flash, Diggle, Hawkgirl, and Hawkman. And I'm sorry, but no, I still can't get behind those last two costumes. I'm still having a hard enough time accepting Diggle's helmet as it is.

But hey, this looks fun!  What do you think is bringing them all together?

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