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HAVEN (Syfy)


Season 5 Episode 2

"Speak No Evil"

Duke struggles to accept Jennifer’s death; Nathan searches for some shred of Audrey in Mara’s cruel personality; Dwight shoulders the heavy burden of holding Haven together...[button color="blue" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Still masquerading as Audrey, Mara moves around town plotting her next move and causing mayhem. She even kills an innocent bystander just so that she can steal her clothes.

After her wardrobe change, Mara seeks out Vicky, the new medical intern, to solicit her help. Still pretending to be Audrey, Mara convinces Vicky to use her Trouble to draw a "thinnie" with her pad. Mara hopes that by ripping the paper, she'll be able to create a hole in the fabric of the universe and retrieve William. When her plan doesn't work, however, she has to improvise.

Duke finds Nathan by the beach with a new bullet hole in shoulder and the two of them make plans to find both Mara and Jennifer separately. Thankfully, Mara doesn't kill Vicky and, when she wakes up, she calls Nathan to complain about the way Audrey is acting. With Vicky's help, Nathan figures out exactly where Mara is headed: To the Medical Examiner's office to reclaim her mysterious aether.

Fortunately, Gloria sees Mara coming and hides the aether so she can't get to it. Later, she gives it to Nathan so he can use it as a bargaining chip to capture Mara.

Meanwhile, Dwight keeps digging into the Barrow family Trouble that is causing people's faces to be sewn up and he eventually discovers that the Trouble is activated by bad news. All the people who could have given Duke bad news about not finding Jennifer have suffered the consequences. Even worse, Dwight discovers that Jennifer is dead. Nathan decides to tell Duke the bad news even though he knows Duke might inadvertently kill him.

Back at the hospital, Dave is doing better but not much and Vince can't seem to focus on anything else but the welfare of his brother and the strange force that seems to be trying to kill him. The Guard is suffering without Vince's leadership, however, and, once Vince makes the mistake of not protecting the Barrow family, Dwight decides to step in as the leader of The Guard.

When Nathan confronts Duke about Jennifer it doesn't go well but ultimately Nathan convinces Duke that Jennifer died when they opened the portal to banish William.

Next, Nathan uses Vicky's Trouble to capture Mara and turn her over to The Guard for questioning. Just when he's about to hand her over, however, Audrey's personality shows up and begs Nathan to help her. Nathan makes the snap decision to kidnap Mara himself so that he can try to get Audrey back.


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