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Happy Mother’s Day on EastEnders? Not a chance! There’ll be at least one dead Ender…

vincent hubbard

While mums all over Britain put their Mother’s Day flowers in vases, we reckon EastEnders’ Claudette Hubbard (Ellen Thomas) will be trying to work out where to put Gavin Sullivan’s body.

And we think we know where it will end up…

“Come over on Sunday,” Claudette told Gavin [Paul Nicholas] in Friday night’s episode of the soap.

Gavin turns up, demanding money from Claudette – or else he'll reveal her dark secret And he does. Gavin’s been blackmailing Claudette over a dark secret in her past and he thinks he’s going to collect a big wad of cash.

But Claudette has no money.

Gavin wants paying, though and, as we’ve seen, he can be very demanding. Things certainly turn nasty and Claudette is desperate to keep Gavin quiet. That’s why she whacks him over the head.

Claudette has to shut Gavin up… But has she silenced him for good?But has she killed him? Our pictures suggest she thinks she has and drags him into the basement, which by sheer good fortune is being converted into a flat for her.

“All hell  is about to break loose for the Hubbard family,” our EastEnders source tells us.

It sure is!

Claudette’s son Vincent (Richard Blackwood) finds his mum in the basement and looks horrified. Has she been using that cement mixer to cover up her attack on Gavin?

Vincet finds his mum in the basement building site. What has she done?Or is it someone else whose body is going to be used as hardcore for the foundations of the basement conversion?

Is it Claudette? We can reveal that all sorts of secrets spill out and Vincent might just kill his mother when he finds out about her past.
We’ve all been led to believe that it was her who killed her husband, Henry, not Phil Mitchell’s dad, as she claimed. Vincent wouldn’t like to hear that…

Worryingly, though, Patrick (Rudolph Walker) also appears in the basement… We hate to even think it but could Patrick be in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Patrick gets a shock when he goes looking for Claudette in the basementIt’s a violent Mother’s Day at the Queen Vic, too…

Nancy (Maddy Hill) and Lee (Danny-Boy Hatchard) get into yet another fight over that rotten bar job at The Rat and Shovel which has terrible consequences for their baby brother, Ollie, after he’s accidentally knocked over in his high chair.

Baby Ollie is about to become a victim of Lee and Nancy's fightIt falls to Whitney (Shona McGarty) to tell Mick (Danny Dyer) and Linda (Kellie Bright) what’s happened. Will Ollie be OK? Or is this about to throw the Carter family into another crisis?

And the day looked so promising for Mick when he handed Shirley her first Mother’s Day card from him.

Shirley gets her first Mother's Day card from Mick. A sweet moment that soon turns sourWe think he’s going to need his mum in the weeks ahead…

Watch all the dramas unfold in EastEnders on BBC1 next week, starting Monday, March 7, 8.00pm


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