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Hannibal's Bryan Fuller Is Returning to NBC to Revive Amazing Stories

I don't want to say that I am the smartest or the best, but I am the smartest and the best. Back in late August, we asked everyone what revivals or reboots they wanted to see and chimed in with our own answers. What did I say? I said I'd like to see a new version of Amazing Stories, Steven Spielberg's 1980s anthology about super cool things that ranged from mummies tomagical cartoonists.

And what do you know? NBC just put a reboot of Amazing Stories into development, according to Entertainment Weekly. So there you go, I am as brilliant as an NBC executive! Ummm... can I take all that back?

Still! Even though it's being set up at NBC, there's reason to be excited for this. First, the show is being ushered in by Bryan Fuller, most recently of Hannibal and previously of Pushing Daisiesand Wonderfalls (and soon to be of American Gods). He'll executive produce the series and write the pilot episode. And amid this monsoon of revivals and reboots, a timeless anthology has the greatest chance of not stomping on your childhood. I'm ready for this.

Do you remember Amazing Stories? Which episode did you find the amazingest?

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