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Hannibal - Season 2



Season 2 Episode 1


With Will Graham in prison, the FBI investigates his claims against Hannibal. A new serial killer emerges....


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The episode starts off with Hannibal, at home, having dinner with Jack Crawford. They start fighting, and Hannibal stabs Jack in the neck, and then Jack barricades himself in the wine room.


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Then we go 12 weeks earlier, and Hannibal is having Jack over for dinner. Jack loves the meal, but can't place the type of fish he's eating. Hannibal tells him that it is flounder. They discuss Will Graham's predicament, and come to the conclusion that they really don't know him at all.


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Next we see Will fishing in a stream, he sees that deer that never leaves his mind. Then we see that he is daydreaming, confined to a cage, as he is being analyzed by his new psychologist, Frederick.


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Will tells Frederick that he does not want to talk to him, he wants to talk to Dr. Lecter.


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Jack is questioned about the report of misconduct that was filed by Dr. Bloom. His boss tells him that there will be an internal investigation, and things will get ugly.


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Elsewhere, in Rockville Maryland , two workers check a river blockage for potential dead beavers and find multiple dead bodies.


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Hannibal meets with his psychologist, Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier. He tells her that he misses Will, and that Will is his friend. (lol)


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Back at the Baltimore State Hospital for the criminally insane, Will gets a visit from Hannibal. Will tells Hannibal that he can not get him out of his head. Hannibal tells Will that he should not blame him for what he has done.


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Beverly gets a dna sample from Hannibal, and she examines his suits as well. She tells Hannibal that he is the new Will Graham, and will be helping Jack with investigations.


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Hannibal assists the team with the investigation of the dead bodies found in the river. He tells them that the killer is making human models, and he probably discarded the bodies because they were imperfect.


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Hannibal goes to see Dr. Maurier, and gives her written authorization to discuss him as her patient. He talks to her about being Will Graham for a day, and how he was able to see through Will's eyes. Dr. Maurier tells him that he has put her in a position to lie for him again. Hannibal says that she is not just lying for him.



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Dr. Bloom goes to see Will. She talks to him about his dogs she is taking care of, and then about Will trying to remember what happened to him. his psychiatrist listens in on their conversation. Bloom hypnotizes him.


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Hannibal has Frederick over for dinner. Hannibal makes a meat free dinner for Fredrick. Frederick tells Hannibal about Dr. Bloom's visit with Will. Frederick tells him that Bloom is trying to help him remember.


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A man touches a guy's hand on a train, and then tells him that he has nice skin. Later that night, the guy's car alarm goes off outside of his home. When he goes out to investigate, a man appears behind.


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Then we see the guy drugged on the killer's table, and the killer is giving him injections.


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Back at the lab, Jack discusses what the has learned from the bodies. They tell him that the killer fills their bodies with silicone and color preservatives.


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Beverly goes to see Will. She brings him pictures from the case, and asks for his help. Will looks at the pictures, and then he tells her that he sees a colored pallet.


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Jack runs into Bloom at will's housee. He tells her that he understands why she filed the report. Jack tells Bloom that he doesn't think that Hannibal did it, and Bloom tells him that she doesn't think that Will did it either.


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Jack goes to see will. Will tells him that he has remembered something, and that he is not the intelligent psychopath that they are looking for. As Jack walks away, Will that Jack will eventually believe him.


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We see the kidnapped guy waking up. He has his hand sewed to his face and legs stuck together. He is surrounded by dead bodies in a huge storage silo. He screams...



Hannibal - Season 2 Hannibal - Season 2

Hannibal - Season 2 Hannibal - Season 2

Hannibal - Season 2

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