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Hannibal - Season 3

Hannibal (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "And the Beast from the Sea"

Convinced that the Red Dragon will strike at the next full moon, Jack and Will grow desperate, and Alana turns to Hannibal for help.

Following his run-in with the Red Dragon, Will catches Jack and Alana up to speed. Alana wonders if maybe the Dragon's trying to stop; Jack hopes he can be pushed further to self-harm. Will shoots Jack's idea down, making Jack press Will harder on what he knows about the killer. Will reveals it was Hannibal who told him where to look. He believes Hannibal knows who the Dragon is.

When Francis next calls Hannibal, he shares that his relationship with Reba is angering the Dragon; they're not on the same page anymore. He is desperate to avoid giving Reba to the Dragon, so Hannibal leads Francis to an alternative: Will's family. "Save yourself," Hannibal says, "Kill them all."

With a new target selected, Francis reconnects with the Dragon. During an evening with Reba, he watches footage he's recorded of Molly and Walter while Reba rests on his lap, utterly unaware that the nocturnal animals Francis films are humans. Meanwhile, Molly and Walter's first line of defense - their dogs - are found poisoned. The vet believes it could be something they ate, and Molly admits she's been feeding them canned food instead of making their meals from scratch like Will. None the wiser, Molly and Walter return home.

Will confronts Hannibal about making contact with the Dragon. He's sure Hannibal knows who the Dragon is and how he's choosing the families. Hannibal plays off the notion, saying it'd be impossible for the Dragon to contact him and suggesting social media is how the Dragon is picking his victims. Will urges him to think of the family in harm's way. Hannibal coolly responds, "They're not my family."

The night of the full moon, Francis breaks into the Graham home, but Molly is ready. She hears the floorboards creaking and carefully dresses and sneaks into Walter's room. She helps him dress and ushers him out of the window, telling him to wait by the car. As the Dragon passes Walter's room, Molly hides in a closet. When he enters the master bedroom, she sneaks out the front. Enraged to find the bedroom empty, the Dragon retreats down the hallway to Walter's room. Finding it empty, too, he makes his way back to the front of the house, where Molly is hiding beneath the porch. She tosses something to distract the Dragon's attention from the car, so Walter can rejoin her. Next, Molly turns on the car alarm. As the Dragon fires bullets into the car, Molly and Walter make their escape. Reaching the road, she jumps in front of a car to get it to stop. Walter climbs into the backseat just as the driver gets out. Molly is pleading with him to get back inside when a gunshot silences him. With blood splatter on her face, Molly climbs behind the wheel and speeds off as the Dragon continues shooting. He hits her, sending blood spraying across the windshield, but she and Walter get away.

When Will arrives at the hospital, Molly is in surgery, and Jack is with Walter. Walter asks about the Red Dragon, and Will explains that he's going to catch him and put him in a mental hospital. Walter then admits he read about Will in a newspaper; he knows that he killed a man and that he was institutionalized. Will worries that Walter is unhappy with him, but instead, Walter says he hopes Will kills the Red Dragon.

Figuring out how Hannibal has been speaking with the Dragon, Alana phones Hannibal's lawyer and confirms that he hasn't spoken with Hannibal since he was declared insane. Alana confronts Hannibal and is soon joined by Jack. They don't want him to stop speaking with the Dragon. Rather, they want him to keep him on the phone next time he calls, so they can trace him.

As his feelings about Reba and loyalty to the Dragon grow more conflicted, Francis imagines the Dragon assaulting him. In actuality, he beats himself up. He decides he must end things with Reba and waits for her to arrive in the dark room. She can immediately sense he's there and that something is wrong. Francis breaks down crying, saying he's unsure of what's happening to him because of her. He declares it's over, explaining that he can't be with her because he's afraid he'll hurt her. A visibly upset Reba tells him to leave.

The next time Francis calls Hannibal, he's emotional and reeling from his breakup. He confesses to Hannibal that he's worried Reba will come to the house wanting to talk, and the Dragon will come out. Hannibal remains mostly silent as Francis works through his feelings but abruptly ends the conversation when he reveals, "They're listening." Francis immediately ends the call but it's long enough for the F.B.I. to work out that he was calling from Hannibal's office. Keeping her word, Alana has all of Hannibal's fineries - books, drawing table, even the toilet - removed for his lack of cooperation.

When Molly wakes up in the hospital, Will is by her side, half-asleep on a chair. She says she wanted Will to go and that she knew when the Red Dragon entered the house that it was him. Molly blames herself - and Jack - for what's happened to their family. Will counters that he knew what he was doing when he agreed to help and admits Hannibal influenced the Red Dragon to target them. Despite all that's happened, Molly and Will agree that they'll go home after this, together.

Hannibal openly admits to Will that he told the Dragon to kill his family and gave him their address. He also finally gives Will what he's been asking for, a profile of the Dragon. Will finally comes to realize, as Hannibal has, that the Dragon is not murdering families. In his mind, he's changing them for the better.


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