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GRIMM Recap: Nick Is No Longer A Grimm! (NBC)


Season 3 Episode 22

"Blond Ambition"

As Monroe and Rosalee prepare for their long-awaited wedding day, Adalind hatches a scheme to throw Nick's entire world into utter chaos...[button color="purple" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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While Monroe and Rosalee make the final preparations for their wedding ceremony, Captain Renard is hard at work tracking Adalind's whereabouts. He knows she's up to something, but what? In a storage unit across town, Adalind is putting the final touches on a potion that will temporarily transform her into Juliette so that she can place a curse on Nick that will rid him of his Grimm powers.

Disguised as Juliette, Adalind pays a visit to Renard's condo and tries to seduce the captain. Renard doesn't fall for the ruse, but he knows that something isn't right. She has to cut her plan short when she begins to transform back to her normal self. Her transformation potion only has a limited lifespan. That's no problem, though; the seed has been planted, and her plan is well on its way.

Nick and Juliette return from the rehearsal dinner to find Trubel in the kitchen, still settling in. Juliette receives a call from Adalind, who tells her that Captain Renard's infatuation with her has returned. Adalind is playing both sides of the coin, and so far she's winning. Juliette is now suspicious of Renard.

Renard calls Juliette the next morning and asks her not to drop by his condo anymore. Juliette is confused, which makes Renard confused. Everyone is confused, but so far nobody is drawing a line back to Adalind. Wu interrupts Renard to inform him that Adalind's mother has a storage unit across town. Renard decides to investigate on his own.

Elsewhere, Nick and Trubel go about moving the weapons trailer to a remote location in the woods. They relocate the trailer and unload Rolek's trunk of Grimm paraphernalia. During the unpacking, Trubel asks Nick if he would ever want to live without his Grimm powers. Nick acknowledges that there are a lot of downsides to being a Grimm, but he could never imagine living a normal life. Back at the house, Trubel tells Nick that, as much as she appreciates his support, she can't keep living with him and Juliette. Eventually, she'll have to head out on her own.

Meanwhile, Renard arrives at Adalind's storage facility and discovers a cauldron and a witch's hat. She's up to her old antics again, and it's more important than ever that he find Adalind immediately. Nick heads up to his room to get ready for the wedding, only to find Adalind (disguised as Juliette) waiting for him. Adalind seduces Nick, and the two of them take a steamy roll in the hay before Nick heads to the shower to get ready. Adalind sneaks out just before the real Juliette returns home, but Trubel sees both of them.

Shortly after Nick and Juliette leave for the wedding, Renard arrives to warn Nick about Adalind's scheme. Trubel tells Renard where the wedding is being held, because he has a potion that Nick needs to drink in order to keep his Grimm powers. As Renard heads out to save Nick, he's shot in the chest by Weston Stewart, the FBI agent and Verrat assassin. Weston and Trubel exchange blows in Nick's house for a bit, and eventually Trubel decapitates Weston with a machete. She snatches Renard's potion from the floor and races to the wedding to help Nick.

Wu and a fleet of Portland P.D. officers arrive to rush Renard to the hospital. Upstairs, Wu investigates Trubel's room and discovers one of Rolek's Grimm books, which features a drawing of a creature that bears a striking resemblance to the Aswang that he saw. Wu though he'd suffered a psychotic break, but is it possible that the Aswang was real?

At the wedding, Monroe and Rosalee exchange their vows while Nick dons sunglasses to hide his Grimm identity. Just as the ceremony comes to a romantic close, Trubel rushes in to deliver Renard's potion. All of the Wesen wedding attendees see Trubel and immediately rush to attack her, knocking the potion to the ground and shattering it.

Nick attempts to help Trubel, but his sunglasses are knocked off in the melee. Surprisingly, none of the guests appear in Wesen form when Nick looks at them. They don't seem to be responding to his eyes, either. Monroe and Rosalee rush Nick and Trubel to a backroom while their parents calm the crowd. Monroe investigates Nick's eyes to discover that Adalind's wicked scheme was a success. Nick is no longer a Grimm!

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