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"You Don't Know Jack"

A Jack the Ripper-style killer terrorizes Portland while Adalind and Rosalee work together to create a remedy for Juliette.

When Nick, Hank, Wu and Monroe arrive at the trailer, it's all but completely destroyed. But thankfully, some of the books and weapons are salvageable. Monroe says they can bring anything worth saving to the Spice Shop. Up until now, Nick still believed in the good in Juliette but she's officially crossed a line. And it's only about to get worse. With Nick occupied, Juliette returns to the house they once shared and sends an email to Nick's mom saying Nick is in danger and that he needs help. A second later, Kelly Burkhardt replies she's on her way.

In another part of Portland, two Wesen prostitutes, Mary Ann and Heidi, work a corner. After Heidi gets picked up in a car, Mary Ann is approached by a man on the street with a British accent. He's looking for something special, so the prostitute woges into a Fuchsbau. Satisfied, he takes her hand and leads her to an isolated area. When he says he wants to do it right there, Mary Ann attempts to leave, but before she can get away, he slits her throat.

Adalind and Rosalee are mixing ingredients for the suppressant when Nick, Hank, Monroe and Wu enter with what's left of the trailer. Knowing what Juliette's now capable of, Nick says they have to find a safe place for Adalind. None of their houses is an option but there's one place Juliette might not think to look: Bud's. Bud agrees to house Adalind and even offers to hide her significant other when he realizes Adalind is pregnant. An awkward exchange between Adalind, Nick and Bud finally forces Nick to admit that not only is Juliette out of the picture but she's the one Adalind needs protecting from.

Juliette returns to Prince Kenneth's hotel suite and tells him Kelly is on her way. She goes to leave then but Kenneth says he'd prefer if she stay close and offers her Adalind's room. Meanwhile, Nick returns home, gun raised, and checks to make sure the house is empty. When he reaches the desk, he notices something looks amiss by the computer. At the same time, a fully clothed Captain Renard lies face down in a swimming pool - until he wakes up gasping for air with no idea where he is.

The next morning, Nick and Hank arrive at the site of Mary Ann's body. They interview Heidi, the victim's roommate and fellow working girl, who discovered her. She woges into a Klaustreich at one point but doesn't see Nick. He decides to cut to the chase anyway and reveals he's a Grimm and that he knows what she is. Only then does Heidi admit Mary Ann was Wesen, too. While an officer escorts Heidi home, Nick, Hank and Wu examine Mary Ann's body. Her throat has been slit and her stomach cut open. The medical examiner's report reveals Mary Ann's uterus was removed and that the killer is left-handed. Hank realizes the murderer's M.O. sounds an awful lot like Jack the Ripper's. To see if there's a connection, Nick and Hank head to the Spice Shop to consult the remaining books.

There, Rosalee, Monroe and Adalind are standing around the corpse of Adalind's mother. What they have to do next is extremely unpleasant, and Adalind is not up to it. When Rosalee looks at Monroe, he also backs out, so it's up to her to do the dirty work. Per the recipe, Rosalee cuts out Adalind's mother's tongue, liver and gallbladder. She then hands Monroe a mallet so that he can help her break the ribs. After all's said and done, they add everything to the cauldron and wait for the suppressant to finish cooking.

Despite Mary Ann's death, Heidi continues working the streets and is approached by a man with a British accent who says he wants something wild. She woges for him, and he says his friends call him Jack. Their negotiation takes a weird turn, however, when he addresses Heidi by name and says he knows she's been talking to the police. Before Heidi can get away, the man strangles her.

Monroe finds an entry in the Grimm books that leads credence to the Jack-the-Ripper theory. During the Luxembourg Peasants' Revolt of 1798, a Grimm found several bodies of young Wesen girls mutilated Ripper-style. He traced the killings to a solider but was surprised to find the soldier wasn't Wesen. Nonetheless, there was something off about him, "as if the devil himself had taken hold of him." The Grimm ended up killing the soldier but was unnerved to find that even as the man died, "he smiled as if death meant nothing to him."

When Nick, Hank and Monroe head upstairs, Adalind and Rosalee are putting the finishing touches on the suppressant. As the mixture's smell grows more pungent, Adalind almost faints, but Nick catches her. He brings her to a chaise lounge and tucks her in while Rosalee continues to stir the suppressant. Soon, a skull appears, a sign that the suppressant's ready to be strained, notes Adalind. Nick gets a call from Wu then about Heidi's murder so he and Hank head out. As Adalind rests in the background, Rosalee calls over Monroe and suggests they get in touch with Trubel. Nick could use all of the help he can get.

There's no doubt that Heidi was killed the same way as Mary Ann and even worse, news has started to spread about the copycat killings. The Captain navigates past a group of news crews when he arrives at the scene, where Nick and Hank fill him and Wu in on their possession theory. Even so, Renard says a flesh-and-blood person is killing these women and he wants that person found.

Back at the Spice Shop, the suppressant is strained through the witch's hat until it becomes a clear liquid resembling water. To ensure that it will work on Juliette, Adalind tests it on herself. Within a few minutes, she realizes she needs to lie down and asks that everyone - Nick, Hank, Monroe and Rosalee - hold her down. She woges and begins violently shaking. A spirit in the shape of a Hexenbiest rises from her body and writhes about in the air before diving back in. The Spice Shop itself shakes even harder than Adalind, sending the jar with the suppressant sliding off of the table. Luckily, Monroe is able to catch it before it smashes on the ground. Finally, Adalind de-woges and falls still. When she wakes, she doesn't know what just happened. To see if it worked, Adalind tries to woge but only a faint ripple crosses her face. When she tries to move a jar situated some feet away, it briefly slides forward before coming to a halt. Adalind has been suppressed.

Juliette, meanwhile, is behaving more biest-ly than ever, walking Kenneth and his henchmen through a floor plan of her and Nick's house and explaining who lives in the houses nearby. After Nick safely returns Adalind to Bud's house, he calls Juliette. She sees he's calling but doesn't answer at Kenneth's insistence. Nick leaves a message saying he's found a way to help her but his patience is growing ever thinner. After Juliette fails to pick up, he smashes his phone in frustration.

The next day, Renard joins the mayor for a press conference on the Ripper-like killer, assuring residents that the police are dedicated to finding the culprit. But when the mayor is speaking, Renard feels a familiar pain in his chest and sees that his wounds have reopened. Not knowing what else to do, he goes to Henrietta for help. Renard explains what's been happening, including reliving the shooting in his dreams and waking up near water. Henrietta says she needs time to figure out what's going on, which is not what Renard was hoping to hear, so he storms out. Some time later, Henrietta is mid-research when she hears someone breaking in. She woges but not quickly enough: a scalpel cuts her throat and sends her falling to the ground, dead.

At the Spice Shop, Nick, Hank, Monroe and Rosalee await Juliette, who agreed to come after hearing Nick's message. She's curious as to how they discovered this "fix." When Nick says they know for sure it works, Juliette realizes Adalind must've been involved. Nick hands Juliette the jar and she pretends as if she's going to drink it. Instead, she makes the entire Spice Shop tremble and tosses the jar into the air. When Rosalee attempts to catch it, Juliette sends her flying into a shelf. Monroe woges and prepares to attack but Juliette flings him to the ground before he can even move. Hank pulls out his gun but in the same instant, Juliette sends it flying out of his hands. She reprimands them for trying to change her and asks, "When are you all going to learn that I like who I am?" When Nick goes for his gun, Juliette woges and forces Nick to take aim at Monroe. Nick says he can't stop it and feels himself about to pull the trigger. As the screen fades to black, a gunshot goes off.


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