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Grimm (NBC) - Watch the "Headache" episode.


Henrietta's murder brings Nick and Hank closer to finding the Jack-the-Ripper killer. Plus, Juliette crosses a line she can't come back from.

When we return to the Spice Shop, Nick is still pointing a gun at Monroe. As he struggles to keep from firing, Hank jumps in and saves the day, pushing Monroe to the ground just as the bullet breaks a glass jar behind them. With her point made, Juliette thanks everyone for testing the Hexenbiest suppressant on Adalind, effectively rendering her useless, and leaves. "Whoever that was, I am done trying to help it," says Monroe. Hank and Rosalee agree.

Nick calls the Captain to warn him about Juliette, but a man with a British accent answers his phone. Nick puts the phone on speaker and asks for Renard. The voice says he can't come to the phone because he's resting. Apparently they've had a rough night. Nick is convinced they just spoke to Jack the Ripper, so he and Hank race over to the Captain's house, where Wu meets them. The front and back doors are both suspiciously open. When they reach Renard's bedroom, they find him alone. Nick calls the phone again and they head to the living room, where it's placed on a table. Hank confirms the last call received was from Nick. Nick and Hank fill in the Captain on the mysterious voice that answered the phone. He's shocked to learn the killer could've been in his house and says the last thing he remembers is visiting Henrietta. When the four men head over to speak with her, they discover her dead.

While Nick is away, Kenneth orders the Verrat to secure the area around his house by killing all of his neighbors and taking over their homes. When he and Juliette arrive on the scene, she shows him around her former home and it dawns on her that Nick has taken down all of their photos. Her sentimental moment is quickly brought to an end, however, when she shows Kenneth the bedroom and he notes this is where Nick and Adalind made a baby. To truly put Nick behind her, Juliette throws Kenneth on the bed and shows him "just how valuable I can be."

After Nick and Hank bring the Captain home, he comes clean about his nightmares and bloody wounds. He explains that he keeps waking up in strange places with no memory of how he got there. Hank realizes Renard is having blackouts, which leads Nick to wonder if Jack the Ripper is to blame. When Nick goes home, he sees his bed is unmade. Memories of his time in bed with "Adalind," aka Juliette, flood back. The memory also helps Nick realize Adalind may know what's happening to Renard - and lo and behold, she does. When Nick visits her at Bud's, Adalind asks if Renard ever died after he was shot. Nick's not sure, but when he mentions Renard's mother came to see him, Adalind realizes he did die and that his mom brought him back. When Renard was actually dead, something must've hitched a ride and come back with him. Adalind explains that to exorcise the spirit, they need to reopen the portal to the other side, but the only way to do that? Renard has to die again.

Death might not be worse than what the Captain is experiencing now, namely more nightmares in which he relives his shooting. Renard goes to the bathroom and washes his face to calm himself, but he's hit with a searing pain. When the pain subsides, it's not Renard looking in the mirror but the man with the British accent. His wounds begin to bleed again, and soon Renard passes out. The next morning, Nick and Hank search for proof that Renard is possessed by the Ripper. They find it on security camera footage that places him and his car near the site of the first murder. When the Captain comes in, Nick and Hank confront him with what they believe is happening. Renard says he believes it, too; he woke up in his bed this morning, but he knows he fell and that he heard a strange voice. Nick and Hank assure the Captain that Monroe and Rosalee are working on a way to help him, and in the meantime they'll keep a cop posted outside of his house. The Captain asks for Wu.

At the Spice Shop, Monroe and Rosalee tell Nick and Hank they need to convince the spirit Renard is dying in order to make it cross over. And they need to do it soon because the Captain's wounds are reopening as they speak. Unable to handle what's happening to him, Renard is freaking out when suddenly, his finger grows stiff and begins writing something on the mirror using his own blood as ink. He then comes running out of the house, screaming about the killer being inside. When Wu gets out of his patrol car, Renard punches him and says in a British accent, "What say you and I have a bloody good time?"

With the Royals watching and waiting, a hooded figure climbs the stairs to Nick's house. She looks inside but doesn't knock. Kenneth, who is across the street, calls Juliette and lets her know someone is outside but notes she doesn't have a child with her. When the hooded figure descends the stairs, Kenneth's henchman realizes it's just a kid. But as she walks away, a Verrat agent is sent to follow her.

Trapped in the backseat of his own patrol car, Wu tries to plead with Renard, but the Ripper has taken over him. When Nick and Hank arrive at the Captain's house, they find Wu's gun on the ground and see that his car is gone. Nick has the police track Wu's car while he and Hank search the house. On the bathroom mirror, they find the words "welcome back Jack" written in blood. Renard finally pulls the car over when he spots a prostitute working a street corner. He gets out of the car, leaving Wu behind, and strikes up a conversation with the girl. Nick and Hank arrive soon after, after Wu's car's been located, and free Wu from the back. He explains what Renard is up to, and the three of them go chasing after him.

Meanwhile, the Verrat agent following the hooded figure meets a grisly end when he woges in what he thinks is an empty parking lot. Instead, none other than Trubel decapitates him with her machete. She spies the Verrat tattoo on his hand and knows this can't be good.

With the help of Nick's super-hearing, Nick, Hank and Wu manage to stop Renard just before he slashes his latest victim. Renard reverts back to his regular self as Nick and Hank cuff him and bring him to the Spice Shop. Rosalee says they're going to help him remember what's been happening during the blackouts but actually gives him the dead faint potion, which will put him into a death-like state. They all watch intently as he falls asleep.

A car parks outside of Nick's house and Juliette gets another call, but this one's from Kelly Burkhardt. Juliette tells her that Nick isn't home yet but that the house is safe. Kenneth watches as Kelly retrieves Diana, now a toddler, from the backseat and brings her to the house. Juliette remains upstairs for what comes next. She hears Kelly enter the house and call her name, immediately followed by the sounds of a battle. When Juliette eventually makes her way downstairs, she finds Diana sitting on the floor all alone. A bloodied Kenneth comes back into the house and proudly proclaims, "We got her." When he sees Diana, he adds, "And we've got her, too."

Rosalee goes to check on Renard's pulse to make sure the dead faint worked, but as she does, he wakes up – as the Ripper. Renard grabs Rosalee by the throat and threatens to kill her if anyone tries to kill him. But Rosalee is too quick for him; she woges and gets away, prompting Nick, Hank and Wu to unload a barrage of bullets into Renard. Rubber bullets. After a black spirit rises out of Renard's body, Rosalee brings him back to life. The plan looks to have worked. Suddenly, Renard gets hit with another terrible chest pain. But this time, his bullet wounds completely heal and the scars smooth over.

There's no time to celebrate, though, because a knock at the Spice Shop door announces Trubel's return. She tells Nick something's going on at his house and that they need to go. When Nick, Hank and Trubel arrive, Trubel spots a box on the living room floor with blood seeping out of it. Nick kneels beside it and slowly opens it... revealing his mother's head. He backs away slowly before crumpling to the floor, screaming in pain. Again we're left to wonder, Juliette, what have you done?


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