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GRIMM (NBC) - Watch The Full "Heartbreaker" Episode


Nick and Hank search for a beautiful Wesen that kills its admirers out of self-defense. Plus, a new royal arrives in Portland.

If Renard wasn't already regretting having Juliette stay with him, he definitely is when she wakes him up by throwing his mother's book on the bed and shouting at him that there's no cure in it for her situation. Juliette makes it clear she needs to get her normal life back - and if she doesn't, everyone better watch out.

In another part of Portland, Bella brushes off the advances of one of her fellow bikers, Ricky. She pedals away to go for a solo ride but hits a bump in the trail and goes flying off of her bike. Another member of the biking team, Zach, catches up to her and tries to help her. Bella warns him not to touch her but Zach, undeterred, tells her he loves her. Bella tries to leave but Zach doesn't take no for an answer. When he touches her again, his hands become covered in an oily substance and soon, a reddish infection spreads across his skin. When Bella turns around, she's woged into a frog-like Wesen. As she bikes off, Zach, whose body is being covered by blisters, falls into the ravine below.

While waiting for Hank at a diner, Nick tries calling Juliette again but still gets no answer. When Hank sits down, Nick finally comes clean about Juliette leaving and her biest-ly new state. Soon after, their heart-to-heart gets cut short when Nick gets a call about Zach's body. At the scene, Nick finds Zach's keys in his pocket, so he and Hank head to Zach's apartment. There, they find a photo of Bella on the fridge and drawings of her on a table. The real Bella, meanwhile, calls her mom crying, saying she couldn't stop the woge from happening. When her mom comes over to comfort her, she advises Bella not to say or do anything about Zach's death. Bella protests but her mom turns around and asks her if she wants to end up like her, revealing a horrible burn mark across half of her face.

At the precinct, Renard meets with Damerov, who informs him Viktor has been sent back to Vienna. To find out more, Damerov needs to go back to the family with proof he's made progress in the search for Diana, so Renard hands him a falsified file. Wu shows Nick and Hank what he found on Zach's computer, which includes more photos of Bella and some that were uploaded to the page for the River City Riders. Nick and Hank drop by the bikers' next meet-up and learn from Ricky that Bella and Zach were alone on the trail where he died. Ricky also gives them the location of the bike shop where Bella works. Wu calls then with the medical examiner's report: Zach was poisoned by a toxin only three types of frogs and birds produce. Sounds textbook Wesen to Wu.

When Nick and Hank question Bella at the bike shop, she explains that the last time she saw Zach, he had just asked her out but she wasn't interested so she left. Convinced she's lying, Nick manages to trip her up on a detail but Bella still keeps her cool. Unable to make Bella woge, Nick and Hank are forced to leave.

Adalind, still in her bathrobe, is trying to decide what to wear when Prince Kenneth, the king's latest henchman, bursts into her room. He asks to get caught up to speed, so Adalind reveals that Nick is a Grimm again, and Juliette is now a Hexenbiest. Kenneth wonders aloud if Adalind has any other surprises for him but he answers the question himself when he opens her robe and spies her pregnant belly. With no other option, Adalind claims it's Viktor's baby.

Nick and Hank head to the Spice Shop to see if Monroe and Rosalee can identify what they're up against. Rosalee says Bella could be a Folterseele, a Wesen whose woge is a defense mechanism that's triggered when someone is sexually attracted to them. She adds that Bella is probably trying to avoid woging, so perhaps Nick should let this one go. Nick says he can't because it could happen again, but Rosalee suggests an alternative to arresting Bella, saying there might be a way to neutralize what's happening to her.

In his first meeting with Prince Kenneth, Damerov is caught off-guard when the royal calls him out on being a double agent and beats him up. While looking at Adalind, Kenneth explains that he's more hands-on than Viktor and drops the bombshell that Viktor is sterile. Time to find another baby daddy, Adalind. Bella, meanwhile, receives a surprise visit from Ricky at the bike shop. No longer content with being rejected, Ricky woges into a Klaustreich and tries to rape Bella. Like clockwork, Bella woges back and poisons Ricky. As he falls to the floor, she calls 911 and runs out.

At home, Nick tries Juliette again but she still doesn't pick up. He checks his email and sees a note from Trubel, who asks how everything is going. Nick starts to reply but Juliette walks in. He sends a quick email saying everything is fine and approaches Juliette. Nick says he hasn't given up on finding a way to reverse what happened to her and that he loves her but Juliette only laughs in response. When Nick's phone rings, she tells him to "go get 'em, Grimm," and heads to their bedroom to retrieve her stuff.

After examining Ricky's body, Nick and Hank speak to the bike shop's owner, who gives them Bella's address. When Nick, Hank and Wu arrive, the apartment is empty, but Nick finds a photo of Bella and her mom. At the precinct, Hank looks up Bella's mom and finds a photo of her before her face was scarred. She was the victim of a rape and her assailant died the same way Zach and Ricky did. Before Nick and Hank head to Bella's mom's house, Rosalee calls with good news: she might have found a way to block the toxin.

Bella's mom finds her daughter in her shed, crying over another accidental kill. She tells Bella to rest and heads back to the house, where her mother, Bella's grandmother, is waiting with a hot poker. Bella's grandmother says there's no other way but Bella's mom refuses to brand her daughter. Unfortunately, Bella's grandmother has no problem branding Bella herself and knocks Bella's mom to the ground. When Nick and Hank pull up to the house, Hank spots Bella's mom lying on the living room floor. He and Nick break in and hear screaming from the shed. Nick races over and finds Bella backed into a corner with her grandmother coming at her with the poker. Nick's arrival distracts Bella's grandmother, who charges at him with the poker instead. Thankfully, she misses and hits a pole instead.

Afterward, Nick and Hank bring Bella to the Spice Shop, where Rosalee presents her with the toxin-blocking potion. Though everyone warns Bella there could be unpredictable side effects, she says she doesn't care and drinks it in one gulp. Three weeks later, Bella finds herself on a date with a man whose face is covered in tattoos. When she asks if he's okay with her appearance, the camera pans to reveal Bella's face has developed green scales. He calls her a knockout, and she doesn't woge in response.

But while Bella gets a happy ending, Renard is not so lucky. After being called to an abandoned paper mill by Damerov - a trap set up by Kenneth - Renard comes face to face with the new royal in town. Kenneth admits he killed Damerov and attacks Renard. As the two men square off, Renard woges but Kenneth is not scared off. When Renard manages to get the upper hand, his chest begins bleeding, providing an opportunity for Kenneth to fight back. Knocked to the ground and still bleeding, it seems Renard is done for, but Kenneth backs off. He says this is Renard's one chance to join forces with him. Or else.


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