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GRIMM (NBC) - Nick wants his powers back!


"Cry Luison"

Nick and Hank investigate a woman plagued by a talking wolf while threats against Monroe and Rosalee's mixed Wesen marriage intensify...[button color="black" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


What does Juliette being the key ingredient mean? Monroe, Rosalee and Elizabeth explain that to reverse Adalind's spell, Juliette must transform into Adalind and make love to Nick in order for him to get his Grimm powers back. It's an unsettling idea for everyone involved but Elizabeth warns that not doing anything could be worse for Nick. She helpfully also suggests doing the deed in a dark room. After everyone leaves, Nick and Juliette discuss their options while Trubel heads to her room. Nick doesn't want to put Juliette through such an ordeal and instead, says he'd be up for returning to a normal life. Juliette agrees but a disappointed Trubel overhears.

In Vienna, the real Adalind is still drowning in a sea of tears when suddenly she is saved and reunited with Hoffman. But when she hears a baby's cries, all logic goes out the window and she foolishly chases after the sound once more. She runs in circles until she reaches her former cell and opens the door, revealing herself holding Hoffman's head.

Back in Portland, Gabriel has his terrified wife Ava take her pills and assures her that nothing will get into their home. But when Ava wakes up some hours later, she comes face-to-face with the wolf that has been taunting her. He follows her throughout the house, at one point forcing her to drink. Ava tries to flee in her car but the wolf appears in the backseat. Gabriel awakes and tries to stop Ava but he's too late. She speeds down the driveway and through a gate, striking a jogger.

The next morning, Trubel tells Nick her presence continues to put Nick and Juliette in danger and she should leave them to their normal life. Nick insists otherwise but their conversation is interrupted by Bud's arrival. Asking for help from Trubel, Bud says his son is being bullied by another Wesen kid. Nick leaves Trubel to it and heads to work but as soon as he's out the door, Bud confesses the real reason he needs Trubel is because a Klaustreich named Shaw has learned Nick is no longer a Grimm and means to do him harm.

When Nick and Hank arrive at Ava and Gabriel's house, Wu explains Ava and Gabriel were taken to the hospital after Ava claimed a talking wolf led to her accident. Nick and Hank undoubtedly assume a Wesen is involved but more surprisingly, Wu might be thinking the same thing, too. He just needs Nick and Hank to put the pieces together for him. Maybe next time, Wu.

At the hospital, Nick and Hank interview Gabriel, who says Ava has a mental illness and suffered a psychotic episode at the time of the accident. At his home later, he further explains that Ava first saw the wolf six months ago, right after the couple moved to the U.S. from their native Brazil. Ava inherited the home as a result of her family's successful import/export business. Gabriel also reveals he's an M.D. and that he monitors Ava's care.

After learning where Shaw lives, Trubel confronts him head-on, getting into a fight with him right outside of his house. When he woges, he sees she's a Grimm and immediately promises not to bother Nick or his friends. Trubel nearly takes Shaw's head off anyway but instead leaves a bloody cut across his chest as a reminder to keep his word.

Following their talk with Gabriel, Nick and Hank visit Ava's doctor. She verifies that Ava is mentally incompetent and provides them with drawings Ava made of the wolf. Monroe quickly identifies it as a Luison, a South American relative of the Blutbad. He also volunteers to sniff out who the Luison is - literally, as Luison are known for their distinct odor.

After hearing Ava's side of the story, Nick and Hank fill in Renard on the case. They suspect Gabriel is involved but need to prove it - and soon, with Gabriel set to be awarded control of Ava's estate. Though Monroe is on it, Renard gets firm with Nick, saying sooner rather than later he's going to have to decide between being a Grimm again or backing off on Wesen-related cases.

And just when Nick's day couldn't get any harder, he gets a phone call from Josh, Rolek's son, who says his father's house has been broken into and a pair of men - nee, Hundjagers - are after him. Nick advises Josh to avoid the police and get to somewhere safe. We have a hunch somewhere safe is going to look a lot like Portland.

In Vienna, Adalind again finds herself in a different part of the castle with Hoffman still calling the shots. This time, he sends her into a room with the explicit instructions to reach the door on the other side. She listens at first but stops when she hears a baby say "mama." Falling for the palace's trickery once again, Adalind picks up the baby and weeps with joy until the babe turns into a piglet in her arms. When she attempts to exit the room, the floor gives way and sends her plummeting into her cell. Viktor then enters and a defeated Adalind asks what he wants. To which Viktor replies, "I want the same thing you want: to get our child back."

Back in Portland, while Monroe confirms a Luison has been living in Ava and Gabriel's garage house, Nick and Hank attend Ava's estate hearing. The plan is going perfectly until Gabriel pulls up in his car. Monroe calls Nick and complains he was supposed to give him a heads up when Gabriel was on his way back. Nick says Gabriel hasn't left. Luckily, Monroe manages to climb out a window undetected and later, it dawns on everyone that Gabriel has a twin.

That night, Nick, Hank and Monroe return to Ava and Gabriel's house to catch the family in the act. When they spy Gabriel's brother leaving the garage house, Monroe jumps out, forcing the twin to woge. Hank springs into action, knocking him out, but the case takes an unexpected twist: two more "Gabriels" come running out. "Holy crap, that is a litter!" exclaims Monroe, echoing our own shock and awe.

Inside the house, Ava wakes up and sees that Gabriel is missing. He woges and comes after her but finds Nick and Monroe in the kitchen instead, holding Luison look-alike masks that will serve as the proof of what Gabriel and his brothers did. While Nick may no longer be a Grimm, he's still pretty great at being a cop.

But is that enough? Not so, apparently. In a private moment with Monroe, Nick finally comes clean and admits he misses being a Grimm; he's pissed that his powers were taken away and he wants them back. Good thing by episode's end then that Juliette is on board. In the episode's final moments, Nick, Hank, Juliette, Monroe and Rosalee are enjoying a toast when flames rise up from the front lawn. A wolfsangel has been lit on fire and Rosalee reveals it's because she and Monroe got married. Taking one look at the blaze, Juliette declares, "You need to be a Grimm again."


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