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Grimm - Season 5

Grimm (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "The Grimm Identity"

"The Grimm Identity"

Nick's search for answers after Trubel and Juliette's body are kidnapped puts him at odds with those closest to him.

While Nick (David Giuntoli) cradles Juliette's body, Agent Chavez's people run in and grab Trubel. Nick is knocked out and left behind. When he comes to the next morning, Trubel, Juliette's body and his mother's head are all gone. Remembering Trubel's words, Nick realizes Chavez is behind the abduction. He quickly fills in Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), Rosalee (Bree Turner) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) and heads to Chavez's office to confront her. She plays dumb, causing Nick to grow more incensed and be escorted out by Chavez's agents. Undeterred, he does a background check on Chavez and learns her address. When he arrives, Monroe is there. He, Rosalee, Hank and Wu (Reggie Lee) are worried, but Nick is having none of it and dismisses Monroe. When Chavez comes home, Nick surprises her and reveals he's a Grimm. A startled Chavez Woges and Nick knocks her unconscious.

Nick brings Chavez to the Spice Shop, where he, Monroe, Rosalee, Hank and Wu take turns interrogating her to no avail. Their mission is unexpectedly halted when Bud calls to say Adalind (Claire Coffee) is in labor. While Nick and Rosalee wait at the hospital as Adalind undergoes an emergency C-section, Chavez's phone rings and she tells Hank, Monroe and Wu that if she doesn't answer, people will come looking for her. Hank lets Chavez answer, then calls Nick. Hank gives the phone to Chavez, who tells Nick that if he wants answers, he must come with her now, alone. Rosalee stays at the hospital while Nick accompanies Chavez to a warehouse. Inside, they discover the men they were supposed to meet dead. A group of Wesen ambushes Nick and Chavez. Though they are able to defeat them, Chavez is fatally wounded. With her dying breath, she warns Nick that "they" are rising and coming to Portland. When her phone rings, Nick answers... and hears Meisner on the other side.

When Nick arrives at the hospital, Rosalee informs him that Adalind and the baby are doing fine. Nick reluctantly enters Adalind's room and meets his son, Kelly. Just like that, Nick's new family is born.

Grimm - Season 5

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