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Grimm season 5 episode 5

Grimm (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "Rat King"

"Rat King"

A mythical Wesen comes to life in Portland, while Trubel returns and faces a new threat.

After a seriously injured Trubel collapses in his arms, Nick brings her to a hospital and discovers fake IDs, cash and a cell phone that can only be unlocked with a fingerprint in her jacket. Even more mysterious, Trubel tells the hospital staff her name is Lauren Cole. Meisner calls Chavez's phone to speak to Nick, but Adalind answers and recognizes his voice. Spooked, Meisner hangs up, but later tracks down Nick and Adalind's location to recover Trubel. When Nick tells Meisner she's at the hospital, Meisner urges Nick to return to her since there are people looking for her. Nick and Meisner arrive at the hospital just in time to prevent Trubel from being abducted by more Wesen chanting "Occultatum Libera."

Meanwhile, the deaths of two Klaustreich lead Nick and Hank to a dump overrun with Reinigen. Confused as to how Reinigen could overpower Klaustreich, Nick and Hank turn to Monroe and Rosalee for help. The couple explains the legend of the Riesen-ratte, a "rat king" that forms when a group of Reinigen combines into a larger creature. Nick, Hank, Monroe and Rosalee come face-to-face with the mythical monster when they try to rescue two more kidnapped Klaustreich. When bullets fail to hurt the beast, Nick outsmarts it by luring it to a power line and electrocuting it. Not even a Riesen-ratte is a match for a Grimm.

grimm season 5 episode 5 rat king


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