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grimm season 5 episode 4

Grimm (NBC) Full Episode & Recap - "Maiden Quest"

Season 5 Episode 4

"Maiden Quest"

Nick investigates a Wesen tradition gone wrong with Hank, while homelife brings him and Adalind closer together.

After nightclub owner Frankie Adkins (Robert Baker) is saved from being murdered by a man in an animal suit, Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) search for the Wesen that saved his life and stumble onto an ancient Wesen tradition: Maagd Zoektocht. Weten Ogen, a lynx-like Wesen, pit three suitors against each other in a quest to win a woman's hand in marriage. When two of the three suitors are killed trying to kill Frankie, Nick and Hank suspect bachelor number three, Amos (Kevin Sheridan), to be their murderer.

But when Amos is questioned, he points the finger at the bride-to-be's father, Daniel Troyer (Richard Portnow). Nick and Hank arrive at Troyer's house just as Frankie is about to shoot the man who took out a hit on him. Troyer's daughter, Emily (Madeline Zima), Woges and attacks Frankie, whose gun goes off in the process. As Emily tends to her injured father, Troyer reveals the Maagd Zoektocht was actually intended to test her. By killing her suitors, Emily proved her strength and independence.

grimm season 5 episode 4

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