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Season 3 Episode 17


Nick's mother Kelly returns to help Adalind escape Europe with her baby. Meanwhile, Monroe and Rosalee prepare for their wedding...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]






Nick is still concerned about being the best man at Monroe and Rosalee's wedding. He finally musters up the nerve to approach Monroe with his concerns, but Monroe assures Nick that there's an easy solution to the problem: he can just wear sunglasses! Nick finally learns how a Wesen recognizes him as a Grimm. When a Wesen is fully woged, Nick's eyes appear as jet-black voids that reflect the true nature of the Wesen looking upon them. Sunglasses should keep his true identity concealed at the wedding. Problem solved!

Meanwhile in Austria, Adalind and her baby girl are headed to an airfield to catch a plane out of the country when they're intercepted by Royal agents. Just when it seems their escape has been foiled, Adalind is rescued by an unexpected savior: Nick's mother, Kelly! The senior Grimm gets Adalind and the baby on a plane and the trio heads for the safety of Portland.

After the plane lands, Kelly and Adalind steal a pick-up truck and head straight for Nick's house. Nick and Juliette aren't exactly thrilled to see their former enemy, Adalind, in the presence of Nick's mom, but the baby makes it clear that violence and aggression will not be tolerated. When Juliette attempts to attack Adalind, the baby causes the entire house to shake and the silverware to bend on the table. Everyone will just have to keep their cool for now.

Kelly explains the Contaminatsia Ritualis to Nick. Adalind must have regained her powers by undergoing the complicated and extremely painful process, which also explains why her baby is so incredibly powerful. Nick and Kelly agree that the baby must eventually be taken from Adalind. She can't be with the Resistance or the Royals. The baby must be raised in complete isolation from Nick's world.

Juliette tries her best to cooperate with Adalind for the time being (mostly for her baby's sake), but Adalind throws a wrench in the plan when she flees Nick's house to head for the only place she truly feels safe: Renard's condo. When Nick and Kelly discover that Adalind is missing, Nick knows exactly where she's headed.

Outside Renard's place, Nick talks his mom out of barging into Renard's building like a bull in a china shop. They'll have to be more tactful if they're going to help Adalind and her daughter. Meanwhile, upstairs, Adalind introduces the baby to her father, Captain Sean Renard.



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