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Grant Gustin Talks CW's 'The Flash' [Spoilers]: Reveals When Emily Bett Rickards Shows Up As Felicity Smoak


The main lead of CW's The Flash, Grant Gustin, opens up about playing the title DC Comics superhero. After appearing on Arrow with Stephen Amell, Gustin races to star in his own spinoff series.

In the DC Universe, Barry Allen is suddenly stuck by lightning while working in his laboratory. The freak accident gives the slow-poke the power of super-speed. When Barry puts on the red costume, he ends up trying to save Central City from a growing list of super villains.

The Affluenza actor reveals to Crave Online the rigorous training he had to do for the live-action TV show. Not only did the thespian have to learn his lines, he worked with a track and field trainer to get the movement down right. That cross-training will help when the speedster has to do battle with the Weather Wizard in the first episode.

In the comics, Barry is in the prime age of his 30s and has complete control of his powers. For the TV show, the superhero is younger and has a comedic sense of timing, which fits Wally West's personality. The showrunners mixed Allen and West (Kid Flash) to create the TV version of the Flash.

The Glee guest star teases what's coming up for the superhero, "I think I'll get a handle on at least the speed aspect of it pretty quickly. There's new problems that are happening in episode two with my body and how the speed is affecting my body. There's some new issues."

Comic book fans know that Iris West, played by Candice Patton, is the love of Barry's life. But will Felicity Smoak (Emily Brett Rickards) mess things up between the two?

Gustin reveals, "She's actually going to be in episode four of Flash."

Reported here, that is also the same episode where Wentworth Miller (Prison Break) will apear as Captain Cold.

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