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Grant Denyer returns to Family Feud filming

Action-man-turned-TV host (or is it the other way around?) Grant Denyer was back before the cameras this week, filming new Family Feud episodes, including a special Star Wars edition to screen on May the 4th.

Denyer has been nursing broken bones, including a broken sacrum, following a crash during the Australian Rally Championships.

Family Feud production was halted following the incident in late March but has resumed with 2 episodes of filming a day, down from the usual 5.

Word is that Denyer has risen to the challenge well, showing little more than a bandaged finger on set.

It’s a big weekend ahead with Denyer nominated for a Gold and Silver Logie.

“It will be a snail’s pace on the red carpet — I’ll be the first one to start and the last one to finish,” he told News Corp.

“Just getting to the Logies has been a real challenge. I couldn’t have done it without Cheryl.

“I’m aware that I am a husband and a father and I also owe it to my employers (to stay healthy).”

At yesterday’s filming fans were treated to a board game, pizza and soft drinks.

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