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Grand Designs Australian season 7B is on Foxtel

Grand Designs Australian season 7 Foxtel

In one of the most inspiring series to date, Peter Maddison is back with the 7th season of Grand Designs Australia, as he follow all new owners, (many crazy-driven visionaries) with a dream to change their lives forever.

One young couple are attempting to build an open, airy family home with a tented roof in the Queensland rainforest; an owner-architect from Melbourne is creating a house in the curvy image of his own foot; a Tassie chef is re-configuring a hodge-podge of mismatched buildings including a windmill and decrepit outdoor toilet; and some forward thinking eco-warriors are building on a slippery, shifting sand dune. It does make you wonder, wouldn’t it be easier just to buy? But that wouldn't be a Grand Design, and this is one series that shouldn’t be missed!

Episode 12 - French Island Barge, Vic

With his own machinery and help from family and friends, Mike plans to build a large spotted gum clad home, in an off grid, koala filled paradise. However, he faces the challenge of transporting the materials via barge.

Grand Designs Australia Season 7 Episode Guide

To get you up to speed with all the amazing properties from Season 7, here's a quick re-cap of all the episodes of this season's Grand Designs Australia.

Grand Designs Australia S7 Ep11

Episode 11 - Tallebudgera Valley Queenslander, QLD

Doug and Yvette live on an idyllic 10-acre property in the Gold Coast. On a whim, they bought a 100-year-old house. It will make a 130 km journey to its new home on the back of a truck.

Grand Designs Australia S7 Ep10

Episode 10 - Daylesford Long House, VIC

Brisbane based architects Donovan Hill helped Trace and Ronnen create the most original grand design, incorporating a giant greenhouse that encloses a house, garden, stables and animal pens.

Grand Designs Australia S7 Ep9

Episode 9 - Hamilton Japanese Queenslander, QLD

Steve has a fascination for all things Japanese and fell in love with the work of an iconic Japanese architect Yo Shimada, and has asked him to design his new home.

Grand Designs Australia S7 Ep8

Episode 8 - Stirling Glass Stone House, SA

Six years ago, Louise and Steve bought two acres of a English garden in the Adelaide hills. Using the local stone, their dream home will be a rustic two-storey stone farmhouse with a modern twist.

Grand Designs Australia S7 Ep7

Episode 7 - Aldinga Beach Dune, SA

Set on a small block overlooking the Southern Ocean, this three-pod home straddles a pair of four-metre high sand dunes on the protected Aldinga Scrub conservation area on the South Australian coast.

Grand Designs Australia S7 Ep6

Episode 6 - Kensington Curvy, Vic

Architect Tim Hill has made his name designing small, radically shaped, timber houses. Now it's time for Tim's family to up-size to a new house that will be curvaceously shaped like a foot.

Grand Designs Australia S7 Ep5

Episode 5 - Ocean Shores Chipboard, NSW

GP Zewlan and her electrician husband Tom, want an architect designed home in a great location on shoestring budget. Working within a tenuous loan framework, what they create is inspiring.

Grand Designs Australia S7 Ep3

Episode 3 - Verrierdale Tent House, QLD

Inland from Noosa in a tropical landscape sits Nick and Nicole's sail house. They have a design which they hope will look like a yacht moored on dry land and provide them with adventure in paradise.

Grand Designs Australia S7 Ep2

Episode 2 - Maianbar Cross Laminated Timber, NSW

Sydney couple Phil and Ariana want something cutting-edge that hasn't been done before. This special house will cantilever out from their block and overlook the water at Maianbar.

Grand Designs Australia S7 Ep1

Episode 1 - North Bondi Urban Cliff, NSW

Brendan and Penelope have dreams of a multi-tiered, multi-million dollar home, complete with infinity pool on the side of a cliff in Bondi. But when they constantly change plans mid build, will it ever be finished?

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