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 Season 2 Episode 11


Briggs receives startling information that someone in Graceland has evidence of his past crimes, and he decides to do whatever he must to take that person down, meanwhile the team executes a major bank heist in order to steal the money of Mike’s greatest adversary...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Briggs listens to the recording played on his phone of the conflict between he and Juan. He fakes like he’s on a real call so Charlie won’t know what’s going down. He tells her he has to meet the guy tomorrow. She asks what’s going on and he says it’s just Sid – no big deal. She tells him she’s there for him if he needs her help. He leaves her to her cooking.

Mike asks if he got the call and he asks what call and he says from Sid. He says he called and wants to talk in the morning. Mike says he has to call about the shoot out in the morning and doesn’t know what to say. Mike says they get close and their leads disappear. He says they need to put Sid down. Birggs just gives him a cold look.

Jakes and Johnny talk about the airstrip in the morning and Jakes tells him he smells sauce. He takes off for the kitchen. Charlie is sleeping at the counter with a knife and tells him she’ll cut him. Johnny begs for some but she’s not handing any out. Jakes tells them he’s got to change before the story starts. Johnny says she can start without him but she won’t.

Jakes finds Briggs lurking in his room and he says they need to go talk and it’s serious. He says he’s sure it’s the tape and Briggs says he can’t run because Charlie is six weeks gone. Briggs thinks it’s Sid that has the tape and Jakes asks what he wants. He says after the taped call came in, then Sid called four times. Jakes says if Sid knows his crew knows.

Briggs says he needs to get the tape back and Jakes says he’ll help so they don’t come gunning for him. He says he needs an alibi. He tells Jakes to go order two meals at a breakfast spot around the corner and he agrees. Briggs watches Sid’s wife loading their kid into the minivan and leaving their house. He pulls up at the house, stashes his gun in his jeans and walks up to the front door.

Sid answers and asks why he didn’t answer his calls. He invites him in for coffee. Briggs lets go of his gun and comes inside. He tells him he just missed his wife and kid and says how much his son loves school. Sid cleans his pool then sits and says he owes Briggs some answers. He tells him 20 years ago Solano was running a small crew and he met with Solano.

He says he gave him info on other crews that got him promotions and got rid of his competition. He says Solano killed one of his competitors and he wouldn’t let it slide just like he wouldn’t let it slide that he was running those girls. He says he has to give him a slap down sometimes to let him know what’s what. Briggs is realizing that Sid isn’t the one with the tape.

Briggs meets back with Jakes and tells him Sid doesn’t have it. He says he’s sure of it. Jakes wonders if it’s one of his cronies and Briggs says he thinks it’s Mike. Jakes says if it was he would already be in hand cuffs. He tells him after he got the call, Mike told him to put Sid down. Briggs said Mike is looking for any way to end it.

Jakes tells him he needs to come clean and get out in front of it. Jakes says as long as the person is playing the tape for him, they’re not playing it for their boss. Jakes says he’s done and no more alibis. He says he’s going home to bed. Briggs is in full freak out and flash back mode. Jakes flops down onto his bed when Johnny comes in asking for help.

Jakes tells him to get out. He tells Jakes he needs to get Lucia out and he says ICE can’t help her. Jakes refuses to help and he says he’ll go ask Mike. Jakes tells him that Mike will see that he’s no longer a credible witness and can’t take the stand because of his relationship with her. Jakes says he has to leave her down there. Johnny says he told her he’d come back for her and Jakes says we lie for a living.

Mike finds Paige working on the music box that Jakes gave her to remind her of Lina. He thanks her for saving his life with Sid. He says Sid would have killed him and she says they used to have something special. Mike says people are dead but they have accomplished a lot. He says it’s a trifecta and she says with Lina still missing it’s hard to count blessings. Paige says she wants to write Lina’s parents a letter and Mike agrees to help.

Briggs is on the set of a horror movie looking for the location scout using his undercover cop ID. He says they have to move and says they can move down a couple of blocks in front of Getty National Bank. It’s that or nothing. They cave in. Briggs comes back to G-land and sees everyone getting ready for the group dinner. They were waiting on him drinking margaritas.

They all sit down for a big Italian feast. Everyone thinks Charlie. Briggs toasts to Graceland and they all say cheers. Johnny is texting and Charlie slaps the phone away. They ask if it’s Lucia or Carlito. Charlie says no work talk on sauce night. Mike asks if anyone has personal stuff to talk about. Jakes says he’s having trouble with the washer and Paige says to jiggle the knob to the left.

Mike asks Johnny what Sid is going to say about who tipped him to the human trafficking incident. Briggs says Sid will say anything to shave time off his sentence but says Mike wants the guy buried in the ground. Charlie and Briggs erupt into an argument then Paige and Mike. Mike gets vocal with Briggs and they face off in a challenge.

Johnny tells everyone he’s in love with Lucia and has been sleeping with her this whole time. Charlie goes to take a call from Amber. She says there’s a slasher flick working on the block where the bank is and says the job is off because it will be too crowded. The others sit silent at the table. Mike asks Charlie why Amber doesn’t want to go through with the job and he tells her about the film.

Mike says they get close then something happens. Paige asks if they can do it in a day or two but Charlie says they can’t move it. Briggs says to do it during the day when the doors are open. She says they need a whole team for that and Mike says they can be that team. Charlie says Amber won’t go for that. Mike says she has to make her go for it.

Mike says they can put aside their personal differences and get to work. Mike comes to sit by Charlie and says he doesn’t want Briggs on this. She agrees and says he’s acting strange. He actually brought up Kelly, Juan’s wife, and acted like he was going to rat out Charlie’s check scam in front of everyone. Charlie shows up with pasta and sauce for Amber.

She tells Amber she has a better plan. She says they can walk in during the day. Amber says they would need a crew and Charlie says she can produce one. Amber says getting a crew the day before isn’t smart and Charlie tells her to nut up. Charlie gets back and tells Mike they have two hours to put together the aliases. He says Amber wants four gunmen and Mike says he can keep an eye on Briggs. He overhears them talking about them.

Charlie introduces Amber to Jakes, Paige, Mike, Johnny and Briggs. She tells them they’re animals and hands out masks. She says that’s the names they will be known by. Johnny will her the hostages. Briggs will be the driver. Briggs will do security and help with hostages. Paige will hold the cash. Amber tells them 8 am sharp tomorrow for run throughs and that they better know the floor plans.

At the house, Briggs goes to bed alone. He keeps hearing the night of Juan’s death. Then he realizes he’s really hearing it. He walks out of his room and forces the door open to Mike’s room. Mike is playing the recording on his laptop He asks Mike if he wants something or he’s just having fun. Mike says he’s a murdered and Briggs says he hasn’t turned it in yet because he still needs him.

They get into an epic brawl and Briggs drowns him in the tub. He digs up the floor and buries Mike in the basement. This must be a dream. He stares at Mike lying on the ground then drops him down into a hole in the living room. He sits down on the sofa and sweats. Charlie comes in holding their baby and says he can’t do this to them. He says he’s out. She asks if he’s okay. He was sleep walking and is alone in the living room.

Charlie tells him in a few months they’ll be able to talk about how they’re going to raise it, if it’s a boy or a girl and how to raise it. She says they have to be able to talk to have these conversations. She says she doesn’t want to do this alone. He says he can clear his head after this bank job. He tells her it’s going to be fine. He promises.

Briggs shows up super early and Amber tells him to put aside whatever is between him and Charlie. He tells her that sometime she hires the wrong people. He says that the rabbit isn’t the right guy and took off with the money on another job. Amber says she trusts Charlie and will put Mike down if he tries anything funny. He says he believes her.

It’s time for the bank job. The animals hop out of the truck and head in. They yank the gun off the guard, close the blinds and head into the vault. Charlie and Amber put up the explosives while the others corral the hostages. Jakes shuts down the security feeds. Johnny shows the hostages their FBI credentials and tells them to be calm and nod if they understand. They do.

They blow the vault. Briggs tells them it’s all right. Charlie and Amber unload the money. The security guard is looking around and Briggs says the guy is planning some hero shit. Briggs heads out and tells Mike to get the money. Mike heads into the vault and says he’ll take it back to the van. He says sheep is tied up with the hostages. Amber says tiger warned her.

She locks Charlie into the vault. Amber comes after Mike with her gun. Briggs gets a call playing the recording and he can see Mike so he knows it’s not him. He takes a shot at Amber saving Mike’s life. She runs out with the cash and Mike gives chase. Charlie dialed her phone right before Briggs got the call. Is there some reason that she’s tormenting her baby daddy? She had two cell phones in her hand.

Outside after the robbery, they have the cash and Charlie asks Briggs what happened. He says they have to go because Sid has just showed up. Archie is there too. Sid asks what happened. Archie tells Sid it was an undercover operation by Mike. Mike is defending himself to his boss and says it was necessary. He can see Sid over his shoulder.

He says he has this under control and walks away from the guy saying he has to trust him. Mike walks up to Sid and says he must feel pretty stupid putting his own name on the safety deposit boxes. Sid says there’s nothing on his wrists and Mike holds up a stack of cash and says he’s going to hang onto all this unless he wants to claim it.

Briggs is driving Charlie out to the desert. He says he wants to show her the truth. She tells him to turn around and take her home. He says he’s been sleep walking for years. Their car hits a deer and comes to a shuddering stop. He tells her to call animal control and the sheriff. She shoots the deer in the head and tells him that he lit the match.

She says – you lit the match Paul – and he asks how long she’s had the tape. She says she left the night she found out she was pregnant and then a friend from the LAPD called her with the tape. She says – you were going to kill Mike instead of coming to me. She asks him if that’s who is and says she gave him every chance to come to her. She tells him it’s too late.

He asks what she’ll tell their kid when he grows up and she says she’ll tell the child that he’s a coward. She gets in the car and drives away.

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