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Govt review may impact local content quotas

The Turnbull government is preparing to launch a review into content quota rules that could impact local production.

According to The Australian the review is expected to consider whether quotas for locally produced shows need to be increased or decreased, the need to harmonise television and film production subsidies and the possibility of extending content quotas to international video streaming services like Netflix.

Under consideration will be the amount of first-release children’s drama, with networks pushing to reduce the 96 hours over three years, and 25 hours per year, required.

Online streaming services such as Netflix currently have no local quotas.

Screen Producers Australia chief executive Matt Deaner said, “We need to adapt and evolve the current regulatory model to address today’s media landscape, audience fragmentation and the new entrants. Countries around the world are extending content quotas onto online content — France and most recently Brazil; a review provides a great opportunity for the government to do the same.”

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