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Gotham: Will Selina Ever Forgive Bruce?

Batman and Catwoman's on-again-off-again relationship is something of comic legend, and Gotham set the foundational steps of that earlier this season.

But Bruce (David Mazouz) wasn't nearly as suave as his older alter ego when he betrayed Selina (Camren Bicandova) by exposing her mother as a fraud and paying her to leave town.

Yeah, it's more than your normal teenage romance squabbles... and Bruce is going to need more than flowers to win Selina back. "Bruce is the kind of person that always likes to make amends and he doesn't want anybody to be mad at him, especially not Selina," Mazouz confesses. "He will try to make amends with her, but that probably won't go over so well."

Good luck, Bruce!

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