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GOTHAM Season 1, Ep. 8 Recap/Review - The Truth behind the Mask!!


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GOTHAM Season 1, Episode 8

"The Mask"

[toggle title="Full Recap" state="close" ]The episode starts with a battle in an office building, which becomes the center of the whole case. Two guys start battling each other to the death, and one succeeds. Unfortunately for them someone deposits the body somewhere stupid, because Gordon and Bullock are now on the case. Eddie finds a thumb in the mouth of the dead guy, and runs prints to find out that the guy worked at a financial firm. Bullock and the Captain talk about how lonely Gordon feels, and how he has to get over it, but in the end they support him. When Gordon goes missing later in the episode Harvey and the Captain are the only people to offer their help to search for him, which gets the entire precinct to finally help. Why did Gordon go missing? Earlier in the episode Gordon and Harvey show up to the financial firm that one of the victims worked at, and everyone there was beat up with bruises and broken bones. They ask the owner of the company why this is, and he claims to not know. But in the end, he does know, because he’s the one who’s making everyone fight to the death if they want a position at his firm. Gordon finds this out and goes to the offices that they use as their fighting arena, only to be put up against three other guys. Gordon manages to take out the three men but then the owner of the company shows up and starts fighting with a mask on (hence the title). It’s lucky that the precinct decides to help, because just as Gordon was about to be killed by the owner the Captain comes to his aid and saves him. Cobblepot walks up to a random rich lady on the street and demands she give him her broach, which he later gives to Fish Mooney. In their meeting, Mooney explains that he’s lucky Falcone let him live because she wants him dead. They’re negotiating terms, and Maroni has what he needs but if he wants a pass from the Mayor or the cops he has to go to Falcone. It’s later revealed that Mooney replaced Cobblepot with a new guy, just before she stabs Cobblepot in the hand. Cobblepot does nothing about this at the time, though. Later Cobblepot goes to his mom, who doesn’t know what he’s really doing so he explains the wound in his hand is just a scratch. His mother then explains that she’s just as snitchy as he was, for when she was a kid she told on her classmate that was having private “lessons” with the teacher, and Cobblepot realizes everyone has a secret and uses this as inspiration for his next move. He gets Timothy, Mooney’s replacement for him, brought to him. He starts interrogating him about what Mooney’s secret is and Timothy reveals that Mooney has someone close to Falcone, and after he gives up that information Cobblepot has him killed. Mooney meets Liza in the confession cubicle in the church, and Liza explains that she cooks, cleans, and entertains Falcone, but she can’t tell if she’s a maid, a mother or a lover. Mooney then has a task for Liza: Pour some sleeping aid into his tea so she can get access to a special drawer in his desk and copy the last two pages of a ledger. She does so, thankfully without keeping caught, and asks Mooney what’s so important about it. Mooney explains that the ledger is a thread, and when she pulls on it Falcone will unravel, but she’s going to wait until the perfect time to pull it. Bruce is finally going back to school, thanks to Alfred. He wants Bruce to have friends and hang out with people, despite Bruce’s protests. Although things aren’t as nice for Bruce in school as Alfred would like: He’s getting weird looks from everyone and at one point a kid starts bullying him and making fun of his parents’ death. He comes home to Alfred all bruised up, but Alfred won’t stand for it. Alfred takes Bruce to the home where the boy lives and convinces Bruce to fight for what he believes in, and Bruce punches the kid in the face. Alfred celebrates, and Bruce asks if he will teach him to fight, which Alfred agrees to. One night when Gordon gets home he finds Barbara drunk and with a firearm. She’s scared, and she thinks Zsasz is still stalking her, but Gordon promises he won’t hurt her. The next day Barbara explains last night was just nerves, and asks Gordon to leave the gun instead of taking it. Barbara calls Gordon to check in with him, but he hangs up on her instead saying he has to go. Afterwards Gordon calls her back because he’s finally succeeded and solved the case, but she lets it go to voicemail as she walks out of the apartment with her bags packed.[/toggle]

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