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Gotham: Jada Pinkett Smith's Fish Is Coming Back

Jada Pinkett Smith is in the news for something other than refusing to attend a fancy movie-awards ball. Smith will return to Gotham this season in a multi-episode arc to reprise her role as Maria Mercedes "Fish" Mooney, a nightclub owner and crime boss who sometimes helped out Gotham PD with information.

Why is this news? Because Fish seemingly died when her character fell off a building in the Season 1 finale, and as we all know, fish can't fly. Apparently, Fox didn't think Fish's return was a spoiler, because the network itself sent out a press release announcing the news to the world.

However, details on how she'll return are being held back, so you'll have to watch to find out. In the meantime, how do you think Fish will return? In flashbacks? Will her corpse just sorta lay in the background for a few episodes? Will she be brought back to life as a zombie? Or was that her evil twin who fell of the building? Let's hear some theories.

Gotham returns from its winter break on Monday, February 29 at 8pm on Fox.

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