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Gotham: City Sirens May Be Growing In Season 4

In just a few more weeks, Gotham will return for the final arc of its third season. When it does, we’ll see alliances shift, plans unfold, and chaos continue to reign; Riddler will gain a costume, Ra’s al Ghul will arrive, and the Court of Owls will have a huge presence as they enact their nefarious plans. With so many villains, we’ll likely also see Bruce move closer and closer towards his destiny of becoming Batman. While he won’t be donning a cape and cowl anytime soon, expect to see him dive into training his mind and body to help fight the rampant crime in Gotham.

As any fan of the comics knows, however, Bruce will always be outnumbered by villains. Many of them join forces and create alliances, albeit usually only temporarily. One particular troublesome group is the Gotham City Sirens. On the film side of things, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman will see get their own film in the DCEU, but will they ever show up fully on TV? Selina Kyle is already a prominent character on the show, and we know the rest of the season will see her going down a dark path. But is the young criminal Sirens material?

Heroic Hollywood spoke with Camren Bicondova at WonderCon about the possibility and she had this to say:

“I’m not sure, we haven’t really dived into that yet as of right now. I think that eventually it will happen. Selina has been for the past however many months or years not consciously doing it, she has been kind of depending on Bruce in certain aspects and I think that for the rest of the season she isn’t looking for someone else to fill that spot, she is more realizing that she needs to fill that spot with herself and rely on herself. Wherever that mentality takes her by the end of the season is where we’ll find ourselves.

Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle in Gotham Gotham: City Sirens May Be Growing In Season 4

Of course, Selina isn’t alone. Ivy is also a player on Gotham and the producer of the series said they’ll be introducing their own version of Harley Quinn by the end of the season. For now, Barbara also bears a striking resemblance to the rogue. Could we see her and her sometimes-paramore Tabitha take their place as new Sirens – like the name of their nightclub suggests? They certainly fit the bill, and when Heroic Hollywood spoke with Jessica Lucas, who plays Tabitha, she felt confident we’d see it happen:

“Oh, I don’t want to spoil anything, but I think that is the plan. I love that they started it out in an unexpected way with Barbara and Tabitha because neither one of those characters are part of the [Gotham City] Sirens in the comic books. But I think there is room for growth, there is room for new members and I think it would be great to have some sort of girl gang going on next season. So I hope so, but I’m not sure yet!”

Both Barbara and Tabitha have grown into two of Gotham‘s most captivating characters, so seeing them gather some young villains around them would make for an exciting arc. We could even see them groom the teen Selina and Ivy to eventually become the Gotham City Sirens proper. With the return of the show just a few weeks away, we should have a better idea soon.

Gotham returns with ‘How The Riddler Got His Name’ April 24th on FOX.

Source: Heroic Hollywood (via CBR)

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