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Gotham Bruce Wayne Actor Wants To Wear Court Of Owls Batman Suit

David Mazouz, otherwise known as Bruce Wayne in Gotham, has claimed that he’d most like to wear the Court of Owls version of the Batman costume in future episodes if given the chance. The penultimate installment of Gotham‘s third season aired last night (May 29th) and the episode saw the Court of Owls’ plan to bring to Gotham City to its knees reach a shocking climax. Meanwhile, Penguin and The Riddler continued their love/hate struggle and Fish Mooney returned. Again.

As far as Bruce Wayne is concerned, the Shaman certainly seems to have dug his claws into the youngster and has an almost hypnotic influence over him. The mysterious mystic has convinced Bruce that his destiny is to do the Court’s bidding and although there seems to be a higher power manipulating events in the background – something confirmed by the trailer for next week’s finale – Bruce is clearly on board with fulfilling the prophecy that he will become the dark protector of the city.

In an interview with the Gotham TV Podcast at last weekend’s Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in London, actor David Mazouz was asked which Batsuit from the character’s vast history he’d most like to wear. Mazouz replied with:

“I think my favorite one is the Batman costume from the Court of Owls story line, I love that one…I think it’s really cool, the kind of gray with the elongated Bat symbol.”

3 Court of Owls Gotham Bruce Wayne Actor Wants To Wear Court Of Owls Batman Suit

As much as Mazouz may want to suit-up in it, any version of Batman in Gotham is likely to be clad in a more basic suit than the one featured in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s revered comic. The Court of Owls costume is more of a mature design and although it would certainly fit nicely with Gotham‘s aesthetic, it doesn’t look like the kind of suit a young, budding Batman would debut in. However, it would neatly tie in with Gotham‘s current storyline which has utilized plot elements from that very comic.

Of course, there’s an argument to be made that Bruce shouldn’t suit up as the Dark Knight in Gotham at all. With Ben Affleck’s version of the character currently on the big screen and numerous other interpretations of the superhero still firmly in recent memory, it may serve the show better to simply focus on Bruce Wayne and the years in Gotham before Batman appeared.

With that said, introducing the hero to Gotham would surely provide a big boost to the show’s ratings. After all, this is all taking place in the Batman universe, therefore it seems somewhat remiss to not include the title character himself in his most recognizable form and that certainly seems to be the direction the show is heading.

Gotham season three concludes with a two-part special June 5th on Fox.

Source: Gotham TV Podcast

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