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GAME OF THRONES Recap: Tyrion demands a trial by combat!!! (HBO)

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Season 4 Episode 6

"The Laws of Gods and Men"

Tyrion's trial has come. Yara and her troops storm the Dreadfort to free Theon. Daenerys meets Hizdar zo Loraq. Stannis makes a deal with the Iron Bank of Braavos...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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We open on a ship with red sails on the water. Upon it are Stannis Baratheon and Ser Davos. They sail under an enormous statue of a soldier into Bravos.

They then cool their heels all day in an anteroom. Davos says Easterners have a different sense of time. Stannis is unhappy. The doors to the room finally open and three men enter and sit in large chairs at a table. This is the Iron Bank. They are instructed to sit on stone benches in front of the table. Stannis sits. They establish that Tommen is King. Stannis says Tommen is a bastard. The man from the Iron Bank says Tywin disagrees. Stannis thinks his real Baratheon blood trumps Tommen's and therefore deserves the money in the Iron Bank. The banker says it's a matter of interpretation. They ask how many men they have: 4,000. Ships? 32. Nothing in a way of farming. The banker says these numbers don't add up to a happy ending and declines his request for cash but thanks him for the honor of his visit.

Davos tries to appeal to the banker who calls him a thief. Davos says technically he's not a thief, that it was the pirates who thieved and he just moved stuff around. But more pertinently he shows his hand and how Stannis chopped his fingers off. He says Stannis is a good man. He asks who has the real power in King's Landing. The banker says Tywin. Davos runs down the bad news of the Lannistesr: Tywin, Cersei, Tommen, Jaime. The banker says this is a problem for another time. Davos says the time is now, Stannis is the only leader and doesn't just talk about paying people back, he does it and shows his hand again.

Davos goes to see his old friend the pirate and shows him a whole lot of coin and tells him they sail at dawn.

Theon's sister reads Thara reads Ramsay Snow's letter about what he's done to Theon to a group of soldiers on a ship. She says what they did to Theon they've done to all Iron Born and they must avenge him. They attack Bolton's castle from the water disabling the guards on the wall. She is taken to Theon who is kept in a stall in the kennels with the dogs. He shrinks from her in fear..She says they're going home and tries to calm him. He says his name is Reek. He thinks it's a trick and fights her. They begin to drag him away and Ramsay, coverered in bloody cuts arrives with his own maen and a battle between the sides ensues as the dogs bark. Ramsay notes Thara's got bigger balls than Theon does but then Ramsay unleashes the dogs. Thara and her men run to the boats. She declares her brother is dead.

The next day Ramsay says he has a treat for Theon for not letting his sister take him and remaining loyal. He offers him a bath. Ramsay tells him to take off his clothes. Ramsay admires his handiwork, Theon's body covered with scars, his missing penis. Theon gets in the bath and looks for some kind of trick in the water. Ramsay washes him. He asks Theon (Reek) if he loves him. He says he does. He says he needs him to do something very important, help in taking a castle back from some bad men. He asks him to pretend to be someone he is not: Theon Greyjoy.

A boy and his father tend to a flock of goats. The boy is throwing rocks over a cliff into the water when suddenly a dragon rises up before him and torches the flock and grabs a goat for good measure.

The shepherd comes before Khaleesi on her throne in Mereen. He unfolds a bundle, it is the burnt remains of his flock. He explains about the dragons. Khaleesi says she's sorry but will pay for their value three times over. He is very grateful. Barristan clucks at this.

The next supplicant is Loraq, He bows before her and flatters her beauty and explains he's from an old family in Mereen and he says his father was crucified. He was a master, yes, but he spoke out against the crucifixion of the children. He doesn't want to see Mereenian tradition eradicated and he wants them to have a proper burial and not be carrion for vultures. He gets on his knees and asks for this. She asks about the children that were crucified. He says he can't speak to the action of the masters only as a son who wants to bury his father so he can have peace in the next life. She grants him permission. She asks how many more supplicants there are to see her and Missandei says there are 212 more. Ser Jorah looks at her like "Hey, you asked for this."

The small council has a meeting and Oberyn complains about the early hour. Mace Tyrell tries to be obsequious. Varys reports in: The Hound has been spotted and they put a bounty on his head. He reports that Dany has taken up Queen-dom in Mereen. He notes how big her army has gotten and that she has two serious advisors and three serious dragons. Cersei says they can't be scare of a child halfway across the world. Oberyn says Varys is right that they should be worried about the army of the Unsullied. Tywin says dragons haven't won wars in years but armies do it all the time and they need to do recognizance in Mereen.

In the Throne room Varys meets with Oberyn. They talk about the Unsullied, Oberyn's travels around the world, and Varys' peculiar asexuality. He is guarded about his own story but says when he sees what desire has done to this country he's glad he's not interested and besides the absence of desire leaves one free to pursue other things. Oberyn asks like what and Varys looks at the throne.

Jaime goes to see Tyrion. He jokes "Let me guess, I've been pardoned." The guards put chains on him at the behest of Tywin. He is brought in to the throne room for the trial in front of a large crowd. Tommen sits on the throne. He stands and the whole room stands with him. Tommen recuses himself from the trial and says Tywin will sit as judge alongside Oberyn and Mace and if Tyrion is found guilty, may the gods punish the accused.

Tywin asks if Tyrion killed Joffrey. He says no. He asks if Sansa did it. He says not that he knows. He blames the pigeon pie. The first witness, a member of the King's Guard, recalls a time when Tyrion berated and slapped Joffrey before he was king. Tyrion tries to speak up but Tywin silences him.

Maester Pycelle reads a list of poison and claims his stores were plundered by Tyrion after he had him arrested. Pycelle says it is without question that poison killed him. He has the necklace that the Fool gave Sansa and says there was poison inside: "The Strangler." (Remember: Baelish through it on his dead body in the rowboat.)

Cersei reiterates the time that Tyrion vowed to seek vengeance and then lies about Joffrey fighting in the war. Varys testifies to the time that Tyrion said something about kings dying like flies and says he was not gladdened by the news of Robb Stark's death. Tyrion asks Varys if he remembers the time he told him that that everyone knew that Tyrion saved the city in the Battle of Blackwater. Varys says he never forgets a thing. Tywin calls an hour's recess.

Jaime tries to talk to Tywin about condemning his own son to death. Jaime notes that he also killed a king once and he did so to save Tywin's life and now he wonders if he saved his life so he can murder his brother. Tywin says if Tyrion's guilty he'll be punished accordingly. Jaime tells him of all the times Tywin talked about family and the legacy of the dynasty and wonders who will carry on the Lannister name. Tywin asks "what happens if I spare the life of my grandson's killer?" Jaime offers to leave the King's Guard, take a wife and have children to carry on the family name if he spares Tyrion. Tywin says it's already taken care of: Tyrion will be found guilty, ask for mercy, and Tywin will send him to join the Night's Watch and Jaime will do as he just said They give each other their word.

Jaime goes to speak to Tyrion and tells him to ask for a formal plea for mercy and get sent to the Wall and says Tywin will keep his word even though that's the same story he gave Ned Stark. He tells Tyrion no more outbursts and this will all be over soon. Tywin seems to telepathically agree from the throne as he looks at Tyrion.

The next witness is Shae. Tyrion is flabbergasted to see her. She says that Tyrion and Sansa planned the murder together. She said she wanted revenge for her family and Tyrion was happy to help and hated Joffrey, Cersei, and Tywin himself and says he stole the poison to put in Joffrey's wine. She admits she was Tyrion's whore. She says he stole her. She says she did everything he wanted and she was his property. She says "He ordered me to call him 'My lion' so I did." He begs her, "Shae, please don't." She replies "I am a whore, remember." She says Tyrion promised to kill Joffrey so Sansa would sleep with him.

That is the last straw for Tyrion who says he wants to confess. He turns on the gallery and snarls at them and says he saved all their worthless lives and he should've let Stannis kill them. Jaime stares at him hard, beseeching him to stop with his eyes.

Tyrion says to Tywin "Yes I'm guilty is that what you want to hear?" Tyrion says he's guilty of a far more monstrous crime than killing Joffrey, for being a dwarf and that.he's been on trial for that his entire life. He says to Cersei: "I did not kill Joffrey but I wish that I had, watching your vicious bastard die gave me more relief than a thousand lying whores." He says he wished he had killed everyone. He says he knows he will get no justice here so he'll let the Gods decide his fate and so he demands a trial by combat. A little smile plays at his mouth as he stares down Tywin.

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 Anatomy of a Scene: Tyrion's Trial

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 On the next episode...

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