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Game of Thrones Season 5: Episode #8 - The Massacre at Hardhome (HBO)

Game of Thrones (HBO) Season 5 Episode 8 - The Massacre at Hardhome

Jon, Tormund and Dolorous Edd lead a group into Hardhome. Rattleshirt meets the rescue party and calls Tormund a traitor for allying himself with the crows. In response, Tormund beats Rattleshirt to death.

The wildling elders, including the giant Wun Wun and a woman named Karsi, gather to hear Jon Snow. The Lord Commander makes his case for an alliance and shows Sam's bag of dragonglass daggers. He offers to share the weapons – if the Free Folk come south of the Wall and swear to fight beside him "when the real war begins." News of Mance's death deters the elders, but Tormund explains that Jon granted Mance mercy and vouches for Jon's leadership. A fraction of the council agree to Jon's plan, but a larger contingent refuses. Thousands of wildlings begin boarding the Night's Watch ships, but Jon laments to Tormund that they are leaving too many behind.

The weather abruptly changes, getting colder. The Army of the Dead has come. The wildlings frantically shut the gates, and hear the wights massacre those trapped outside the doors. On the beach, panicked wildlings surge towards Jon's ships. Wights scale the gate and a bloodbath ensues. Jon frantically tries to save the dragonglass daggers, but finds himself cornered by a White Walker. Though every other weapon shatters against the Walker’s sword, the Valyrian steel of Longclaw holds strong and Jon kills the creature. From above, the Night King takes note of Jon.

A large group of wights jump off a cliff, only to rise unharmed to resume their murderous pursuits. Just as the gates fall, Jon, Tormund, Edd and Wun Wun make their escape. As their boat drifts away, the Night King raises his arms. The fallen wildlings – including Karsi – stand, their eyes now bright blue. A hundred thousand new wights. The Night King has his army now.


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