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Season 4 Episode 3

"Breaker of Chains"

Tyrion ponders his options. Tywin (Charles Dance) extends an olive branch. Sam (John Bradley) realizes Castle Black isn’t safe, and Jon proposes a bold plan. The Hound (Rory McCann) teaches Arya the way things are. Dany chooses her champion...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]


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We pick up right where we left off with Cersei screaming at the guards to seize Tyrion. Sansa runs off with the fool. Cersei asksTywin where she is. Tywin says to bar the gates and that no one leaves the capital. But the fool already has a rowboat waiting and he rows her out to a ship shrouded in the mist. She climbs aboard and is greeted by Littlefinger, who promptly kills the Fool, takes the necklace from Sansa's neck and drops it on his dead body in the rowboat. He notes that money buys silence for a time but a bolt to the heart buys it forever. He tells her she is safe now.

Margaery is worried that she's not really queen now. Olenna says since they didn't consummate it makes it complicated. Margaery recalls the horror of Joffrey's death. Olenna recalls looking at her dead husband's body. Margaery your circumstances have improved markedly... might not have enjoyed watching him die but it was better than it would've been living with him... she says he didwonderful work on Joffrey and the next one will be easier.

Cersei and her second, younger son, survey Joffrey's body lying in state. Now, this boy, will be king. Tywin asks the boy what is his most important quality. He tries holiness, justice, and strength and Tywin shoots them all down for various, good reasons. When he gets to wisdom, Tywin says he's hit upon the key. He clearly likes the boy. Even Cersei seems impressed by him. Tywin points out it is the wise king who knows what he knows and what he doesn't and he heeds his councilours until he comes of age. He says Joffrey was not a wise or good king or else he's still be alive. Tywin asks him about needingto bemarried and furthering the line. They walk out talking. Jaime enters and asks the guards and priests to give Cersei time alone with her son. Jaime approaches her, and him. She says it was Tyrion, he told her he would. Jaime says there will be a trial. She doesn't want a trial she wants Jaime to avenge their son and kill Tyrion before he can squirm to freedom. She breaks down into tears. He kisses and holds her. And then it takes a turn to sexual. And at first she seems to resist and pulls away. Then he calls her hateful and grabs her and forces himself on her and she's definitely resisting and then she seems into it and it seems very rapey.

Arya and the Hound are still making their way to the Eerie. Arya's worried they're going the wrong way. He says he's in a hurry to be on his way. She wonders where. He says across the Narrow Sea to work as a sellsword. A man and his young daughter notice them and say it's their land. Arya says to forgive her "father" and tells a sob story of her mother dying and her father was never the same. They say he fought for the Tullys of RiverRun. This is the right answer. The man offers his barn as a shelter and says his young daughter makes great rabbit stew. They eat. The man tries to convince the Hound to stay on until the new moon and work for cash and guard them from thieves. He offers them fair wages for fair work. He accepts but then instead the Hound robs him and they take off. Arya is mad. The Hound says since the man is weak and they'll both be dead come winter. He asks Arya how many Starks they gotta behead before you figure it out.

Back at Castle Black, Sam sits with Gilly.... think he's lying about killing the White Walker. You're the only one that saw it and they all think you're a wildling. She thinks it makes her sound dangerous. He helps her pluck what look like geese. She says no one is bothering her beyond looks and jokes. He says he worries about it, 100 men, one women. The only thing they think about. 100 men lying awake at night picturingyou, she asks what about you He says eh worries about her. She thanks him. He says he doesn't know if she's safe since some of them were thievesand rapers before they came here. He says maybe she'd be safer in town. She worries that he's bored of her. He is not, he wants to protect her. It makes her sad that he wants to send her away.

Davos goes to see Stannis who has him read a scroll with the news of Joffrey's death. Stannis is taking credit for it... bastard you set free, powerless to take care of opportunity.. Stannis asks after army and Davos hasn't raised much of one...not enough between them to raid a pantry...He wants to press his claime... he doesn't want to be a page in someone else's history book.

Davos goes to visit the Princess and get his literacy lesson, to keep him from saying ka-nigget. She tells him not to move his lips. It's an adventure book...I was never a pirate I was a smuggler...if you're a famous smuggler you're not doing it right. As he's talking with her about distinctionslike that he has an epiphany and gives her a kiss on the forehead and asks her to write a message from the officers of the Iron BAnk from Stannis the one true king of Westeros.

Sam takes Sam and Gilly to the nearby town. A gros swoman approaches her and David... she picks her for a wildling ...she'll clean and cook and look after other's babies.. offers "other" work and a piece to Sam and he says no... She does not like it... it is disgusting, He says she'll be safer... protected her north of the wall... can't stab his brothes and can't run away... he's very upset, says it's est for him... he's sad... he leaves...

We close in on an orgy, several wormen are working on Illaria and she turns to kiss Oberynn and his young boy... he never acquired the taste... Oberynn getsmad... they talk about bisexuality... everybody is missnghalf the world's pleasure... when it comes to war I ight for Dorne when it comes to love I don't choose sigdes...they talk about agin... make sure you've ucked your fiddle before then... did you? He's the prince of Dornegirls andboys lineup to fuck him until he dies... all lineup behindher... Tywin interrupts theorgy and asks for the room... the two girls and boy leave... he offers the bed to him.. Tywin declines... he says he's sorry about Joffrey... says he's not responsible for sins of father or grandfather... Tywin heard Oberyn studied poison, he did, suspicious,no. Why haven't you thrown me in a dungeon? Asks about Tyrion and what they discussed... his sister and how Tywin is responsiblesince he gave the Mountain an order... unarmed and unguarded, Oberyn knows better... Oberyn would like to speak to the Mountain. Tywin says he could arrange it but he wants Oberyn to be the third judge in trial... asks him to invite on the small counsel to serve as new king's advisor.... never knew he had such respect for Dorne... worried about Dany... only Dornish resisted the dragons... saying you need us, that must be hard... Tywin says they need each other... help him serve justice to king's assassins, he'll help him serve justice to his sister's murder...

Podrick comes to visit with quills candles papers, sausage cheese... no word of Shae...what's the word...stand trial in a fortnight for murdering joffrey... Pod doesn't think he did it. Tyrion asks about the judges, and Pod tells him that they are Tywin, MaceTyrell, and Prince Oberyn. Tyrion gives Tywin credit for taking advantage of a family tragedy. He says he'll call Sansa as awitness. Pod says she's gone and wonders if Sansa did it. Tyrion says no one had more cause but she's no assassin and whoever did it wanted Tyrion to take the fall. Thinks maybe it was Tywin since Tommen is easier to handle. Not Cersei makes it unique in King's Landing murders, can't see Bron, and investigating..asks to see Jaime. A man asks if he'd testify against him and would make him a Ser. Pod says he won't do it. Tyrion gets mad at him and doesn't want him to die on his behalf... He says he's giving him an order and to get out of King's Landing before it's too late and this is farewell.

There has never lived a more loyal squire.

The wildlings are on the move. They overrun a small village indiscriminately killingwomen and children. The Thenns grab a boy and asks if he knows how to get to Castle Black. He says yes, they grab him and force him to watch his parents be murdered and tells him that he's going to eat them and to go tell the Crows at Castle Black.

he does. The Crows want to go after them.The Commander says they want to draw them out and they'll pick them off a fewat a time. They can't lose a single man, they have to remember their first responsibility... the watcherson the wall... They ask Jon Snow for advice... they'll roll over everyone and everything for a 1-000miles before they reach an army hat canstop them.. Jus thtenrangers return...

we were held up by what chains... got craster's food and wives... we need to ride north andkill them'snot about the just... told them they had a 1000 men atCastleBlack ...they will tell them the truth... Mance has all h eneeds to crush us he just doesn't knowit yet and then he'll throw his full strength at us...

Dany finally reaches Mereen. The doors to their wall open. A single rider rides out and she is expected to send her own champion to fight him. The man dismounts and yells over to her and then pisses inher general direction. An army of men without men parts. Trash talking. Grey Worm volunteers to be her champion. She says he's her leader and needs him. And then Ser Jorah volunteers and she turns him down. Then Daario offers and she lets him give it a go and she tells him to give this large audience a show.

Daario refuses a horse as the other man mounts up. He rides towards Daario who turns to wink at Khaleesi. He continues to ride, everybody gets nervous. Daario throws his sword at the horse it falls the man falls off and he slices his throat. The Meereen shoot arrows at him. Daario pulls out his penis and pees on the ground. Khaleesi addresses the Meereniansand tells them her story of freeing slaves on her journey. The slaves are listening and the masters are looking nervous. They fire cannon loads of shackles at them, just like the ones they are wearing...



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