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Game of Thrones Fans, Get Ready to Meet a Brand New Character Played By This Lost Alum!

Hey Game of Thrones book readers, are you ready to feel like us non-book fans for a change? Because you're about to take a walk in our shoes when the HBO hit series debuts in 2015.

While fans of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire novels have always been one step ahead of non-book readers while watching the action play out onscreen, always knowing what's coming next (ahem, Red and Purple Weddings!), the HBO TV adaptation is about to introduce a brand-new character in season five that isn't in the books.

Yeah, book readers, how does that feel? Welcome to our world!

936full-adewale-akinnuoye--agbajeDetails of the new character named "Malko" are being kept secret right now (no surprise there!), but he is definitely not from the books.
And the best part? Malko is being played by Mr. Eko!
That's right, Lost alum Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje landed the über-mysterious role on the HBO fantasy series The actor tweeted about his new role, confirming his Westeros presence.
This deviation from the books is not the only new aspect Game of Thrones is introducing this season. As we previously reported, there will also be flashbacks for the first time ever in season five, and the first one is appearing as early as the premiere!
Start speculating now as to what this flashback will entail. Are we going to get to see any of our dearly departed Game of Thrones favorites? We certainly hope so!

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