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Game of Thrones: Everyone Is Pretty Bummed in the Full-Length Season 6 Trailer (VIDEO)

The fight for the Iron Throne is filled with blood, pain, and loss, and that's reflected in this new trailer for Game of Thrones Season 6 that just so happens to be filled with blood, pain, and loss. And, of course, Melisandre taking her clothes off!

As if I weren't already so excited for Season 6 of Game of Thrones that I need to wear a paper bag over my mouth at all times to avoid hyperventilation, this trailer is *wheeze cough collapse*

Yes, Jon Snow is still dead. Cersei still has short hair. Ser Jorah is still aching to leave Dany's friendzone. But there are also some new changes as well. Melisandre's faith in the Lord of Light is shaken! Cersei, thanks to a zombified Mountain, isn't taking the High Sparrow's ideas laying down in a dungeon! And Bran is like 43 years old now (and chilling with the Night's King)!

Seven gods, is it April 24 yet? 

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