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FX Gives Tyrant a Third Term (It's Renewed)

It's good to be the king! It's even better to be the tyrannical leader of a fictitious Middle Eastern country! Yep, FX has renewed its political drama Tyrant for a third season, the network announced today. A new 10-episode season will premiere sometime in 2016.

Tyrant, run by 24's Howard Gordon, followed the turbulent reign of the leader of the totally made-up-but-politically-relevant Abuddin, and the two warring brothers forever linked to the country's throne. Though initially received mildly by critics, Season 2 was said to have improved and FX liked it enough to give it a third season. The renewal means we won't be left in suspense by the Season 2 finale cliffhanger (Season 2 spoilers ahead), and that we'll find out what happened to Jamal after he was shot.

Tyrant was firmly on the bubble, maybe even more so off of it, but it still got a renewal. Season 2 averaged 1.2 million viewers, which climbed to 2.47 million when DVR playback was factored in.

Are you ready for more Tyrant or are you like, "What? This show was still on?" 

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