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Funding cuts hit ABC Drama & Kids

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 9.53.58 AM
Government funding cuts have resulted in a reduction in ABC Drama and Kids commissioning.

One source told The Australian reports ABC has cancelled some projects in development while it pursues “noisier” projects to compete with commercial networks.

But the independent sector is unclear on whether decommissioned funding for drama or children’s projects has been reallocated within those genres.

The director of ABC TV, Richard Finlayson, said: “We have been open with the sector that last year’s budget cuts have led to some reductions in children’s and drama funding.

“The ABC openly shares information with producers about our strategy, schedule and creative requirements,” he said. The ABC annual report provided detailed breakdowns of content hours, he said.

Meanwhile the newspaper also claims ABC Drama wanted to produce Mushroom Picture’s Molly miniseries, which has since been produced for Seven, but an ABC exec did not think it would appeal to audiences. Sounds like a mis-call to me…

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