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Fuller House

Fuller House: Who Should Win DJ's Heart?

Fuller House is returning this month on Netflix, and one of the central threads hanging over from the show's first season is the question of who DJ (Candace Cameron Bure) will end up with.

In Season 1, DJ was stuck between Steve (Scott Weigner), her high school sweetheart who has carried the torch for her since they were teenagers, and Matt (John Brotherton), her new business partner at the veterinary clinic where she works. The final episode of the freshman season showed DJ picking herself rather than either of the men to settle down with, but they both will still be around for Season 2, making it inevitable for the love triangle to resurface.

Who should DJ be with though? It's not just about making herself happy. She has three kids that she's raising and whoever she picks to settle down with -- whether it's Steve, Matt or someone new -- needs to be a good fit for her entire family. Before everyone has a chance to binge watch Season 2, we decided to compare the choices and weigh in on DJ's romantic future.


Steve is the obvious choice for nostalgic viewers. Once upon a time, he and DJ were the perfect couple, and their breakup near the end of the original series was a tough one to watch. It was a treat to be able to see them together, but to be honest, Steve has changed a lot in the years since Full House fans first met him.

Back in the day, Steve was a confident football player who ate everything in the Tanner fridge but was absolutely nuts about DJ. These days, that confidence seems to have diminished, and all that's left is his devotion to DJ, which bordered along unsettling in the show's first season. It was meant to be funny, but Steve had a tendency to come off as desperate which made it hard for DJ to feel their old spark (remember how awkward it was for them to make hamburgers again)?

Steve still has the potential to turn this around. He knows DJ better than any of the other guys she might date, but he needs to learn to chill and remember what makes him great. Unfortunately, we already know that Steve has moved on with a DJ lookalike in the sophomore season, so it might be a minute before he's able to find his groove with his old flame again.


Matt is the new guy on the block, and while he's definitely a stud, he wasn't without some problematic tendencies either.

When DJ tried to back out of their first date with a white lie about having a dentist appointment, he called every dentist in the area to try and track DJ down. That's quite a bit extra for someone you just met, and he had the nerve to be angry at DJ for the white lie.

There's also the issue of working together. DJ and Matt co-run the veterinary clinic, which makes a romantic situation pretty sticky. If they break up, will DJ be out of a job since Matt's father is the one who actually owns the practice? Working together and dating is a very complicated balance, and that may be a little bit too much for DJ to take on in her first serious relationship since her husband died.

If Matt can prove he's capable of having a professional and personal relationship with DJ without things getting messy, he could very easily override Steve's nostalgia points to become DJ's Fuller House match.

The verdict

To be honest, DJ made the right decision by taking some time for herself. Neither Steve nor Matt were ready to be the guy she needs at the end of last season. While there's definitely room for that to change in Season 2, all the parties involved need some time to grow before they are ready to really settle into a relationship.

The move to keep DJ single for a prolonged period of time isn't unprecedented either. It took Danny (Bob Saget) a long while before he found Vicky (Gail Edwards), the woman who would make him truly happy after he lost his wife. DJ has a perfectly fulfilling life raising her children with Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and Kimmy (Andrea Barber). She shouldn't force herself to be with anyone until the absolute perfect person for her and her family shows up -- and it'll be fine if that person is Matt, Steve or someone completely new.

Who do you think DJ should end up with?

Fuller House Season 2 premieres on Netflix on Dec. 9.

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