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Season 4 Episode 1

"The Curse of Hor-Aha"

Four months after the arrest of Stanton Infeld, Peter and Jared find themselves in charge of the newly renamed Infeld, Daniels, Franklin & Bash. Enter Mason Trawley (guest star Kevin Christy) an archaeologist who believes he's been unfairly locked out of a storage unit containing many treasured artifacts, among which is the death mask of Egyptian Pharaoh Hor-Aha...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]

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Tonight’s episode of Franklin & Bash begins with Steve and Jared in court. To win their case, F&B get attacked by a Zombie!

F&B arrive at the office. Their waiting room is full of people, and they tell Jessie to move Dr. Beckmann’s patients to the library because they are “clogging up the lobby.” Their first appointment arrives, Mason Crowley, an archaeologist. He has a storage locker and he is late on his payments, the owner of the storage locker is threatening to take out a lien on his property and he is going to court. He says there is a an artifact in the locker that is worth a lot, but he can’t tell them what it is for their own safety. They agree to represent him.

Franklin and Bash head to the garage where Stanton is working and try to convince him to come back to work. They say that they can tell he needs the money, but he reminds them that they don’t have any money either after their disastrous last year. Stanton’s boss calls him to get back to work, and Bash is convinced that there is something he is hiding from them about why he won’t come back to work at the firm.

Franklin and Bash head to Mason’s office to discuss his court case. They are confused when they arrive and realize that his office is a call-center, and he isn’t working as an archaeologist, but a telemarketer selling wicker. Mason explains that he has to work to pay off his college loans, so that he can finish school and become a teacher. Bash tells him he needs to start being upfront with them about everything..including his storage unit. Mason reveals that he found an ancient Egyptian ruler Hor-Aha’s death mask buried a mile under the tomb, and it is in his storage locker. There is an old wives tale that Hor-Aha’s death mask could bring him back from the dead alone with his twelve armies, so it is a hot commodity in the archaeology world and Mason doesn’t want to lose it.

Steve calls Dan their private investigator in to his office. He orders Dan to do a complete “scrub” of all of the office computers, and find out what Infeld was doing up until the days of the arrest. Dan speculates that Steve thinks Infeld was working with Rachel King.

Jared introduces Ellen to “The Bone.” He runs OG Medical, a pot store for medical prescriptions. The Lisk Family lives down the street from him, and they are opening a daycare, they are trying to shut “The Bone”’s store down even though he set up shop in the street first.

Jared and Steve head to court to represent Mason, and learn that the opposing council is none other than Karp, who is now a senior partner at Solvent Firm. Steve asks for a continuance, since they were unaware of a new lawyer taking the case for the storage unit. The judge refuses to give them a week, but does give them another day. After court Jared and Steve corner Karp and tell them that they are still trying to get Stanton reinstated. Karp doesn’t want to hear it and tells them to get him the updated witness list.

As they are leaving the court house Mason flags them down and says that the entire court case is a conspiracy, he seen the owner of the storage units wearing a Zungi fertility bracelet. He is sure that another archaeologist named Ziff is bribing Gleason to get him the Hor-Aha death mask, because there is no other place he could have gotten a Zungi bracelet. Steve and Jared reassure him they will look in to it.

[11:04:27 PM] Amanda Austin: Franklin and Bash head to the campus to meet Professor Ziff, they approach him and confront him about the Hor-Aha death mask. They accuse him of bribing the owner of the storage unit to steal the mask. Ziff asks if they actually seen the bracelet he supposedly used to bribe the owner, and he reveals that Mason is unstable and delusional, and was actually asked to leave the college.

Dan tracks down Steve and Jared in the elevator and reveals that Rachel planted a virus on Infeld’s computer, and it was sending small wire transfers. Ellen checks in with Jared and says that she had a meeting with “The Bone” and the Zilsks, and Jeff Zilsk started arguing with Bone and spewing off penal codes and prison slang. She thinks that he might have done prison time, Dan says he will look in to it.

Steve and Jared head back to court with Mason, and argue that the contract is meaningless because Mason lacked mental capacity to sign it. They don’t see why Mason can’t have his stuff and he pays the storage owner for the rent. Mason storms out of the court room, and Steve and Jared follow him, he is furious that they embarrassed him and called him crazy in court. He calls them “dream destroyers” and runs off.

Dan and Ellen call the Zilsks back to the office and reveal that they know that the Zilsks are just trying to “eliminate the competition.” Jeff picked up his cop lingo while he was visiting his wife in jail for selling pot, and their electric bill is seven times higher than it should be. Dan got an aerial shot of their house, and they clearly have a green house. The Zilsks are speechless and Ellen informs them that “they are done here.” Back in court Steve calls Professor Ziff up to the witness chair and forces him to testify that he called Mason “crazy.” Steve and Jared are taken aback because Professor Ziff changes his story and says Mason isn’t crazy. They decide to prove that Mason is crazy, and add “Hor-Aha” to the list. The folk storyclaims that if someone says Hor-Aha twelve times, the emperor will return from the dead with his army. As Jared, Steven, and the judge all argue over adding Hor-Aha to the witness list, Mason freaks out because they said the name twelve times and the army of the dead would be returning. He proceeded to hide under the witness stand, and proved that he is clearly crazy.

The judge order Franklin and Bash out of the court and have the police take them to a cell for contempt, as they are leaving they boast that they won the case. The next day at the office Dan brings Steve and Jared a video of Karp doing depos that prove that Rachel King got Karp blackout drunk and used his computer to send the malware, or else Karp might have even been working with Rachel King.

Jared and Steve head back to the garage and meet with Stanton, they offer to make him a deal to get him back to work without revealing the truth about Karp’s involvement with Rachel King. Before they leave, they fill out a satisfaction survey claiming Stanton is an amazing mechanic.

Jared, Steve, and Mason head to the storage unit to see the Hor-Aha mask. He offers to pay them, or else wait and pay them half of the value of the artifact. Jared and Steve are skeptical that the mask even exists, and tell him they will just take that cash now. Afterwards Mason opens that storage unit and shows them the huge mask, certificate of authenticity, and reveals that the mask is worth $3 Million dollars.

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