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Season 4 Episode 2

"Kershaw v. Lincecum"

A divorce case reveals a plastic surgeon's strange obsession with his past. Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) rely on an unusual argument to get Infeld's (Malcolm McDowell) law license reinstated...[button color="red" size="small" link="" target="blank" ]Official Site[/button]



Franklin & Bash begins head into the office, they stop in the waiting room and chat with one of the plastic surgeon Nick about breast augmentations. They love the “areola specialist.” They head in to meet with their new client, a divorcee named Chelsea. She reveals that her husband is very wealthy, and she signed a pre-nup that will leave her broke. She warns them that the pre-nup is iron clad, but Jared and Steve reassure her that they are going to help her and get her the money she deserves. They walk her out and realize that Chelsea’s husband is the areola specialist they just made friends with.

Chelsea’s husband Nick asks Steve and Jared to convince Chelsea not to divorce him. He says that if they don’t help him then he will file a complaint with their building manager, and make them lose their lease. The building manager arrives and informs Franklin & Bash that he has come to collect the rent, they don’t have the money. They offer him their box seats at the Dodgers game in exchange for a week extension. The manager agrees and leaves. The only problem is that they sold their tickets already for rent money, employees and clients still have some of the tickets. They look it up and realize that the employee that has tickets to the next Dodger’s game is Karp.

Steve and Jared visit Stanton, they have a new plan to get him reinstated. They want Stanton to tell the state bar that he is a sex addict and he was sick when he slept with Rachel King. After he gets treatment for sex addiction, they will ask for him to be reinstated. Stanton says that it is a “refreshing strategy.” He agrees to the sex addiction scheme.

Franklin and Bash head back to the office and Nick and his lawyer are meeting with Carmen and Chelsea for a settlement conference. Carmen argues that Nick had a scalpel to Chelsea’s neck when they met and he violated Medical Ethics. They take a break and Steve and Jared tell Carmen to “take it easy” on Nick because they need his rent money. Nick confronts them and asks them if they have tried to convince Chelsea to stay married. They go out and talk to Chelsea, and try to convince her that Nick still loves her. She warns that if they aren’t on her side, then she will find someone else to represent her.

Steve and Jared track down Karp, and suck up to him. Karp says he can’t talk because he has a meeting with one of the clients that he stole from them. They ask him for the Dodgers tickets, but Karp refuses to hand them over. He tells them that if he gets them a reservation at Three Olives Grill for Friday night and bypasses the six month waiting list, then he will give them the tickets.

Steve and Jared head to court to argue that Nick and Chelsea’s pre-nup is invalid. They argue that Nick was controlling and exerted fear over her, and she was coerced in to signing the pre-nup. Nick’s lawyer points out that Chelsea consulted a lawyer before she signed the pre-nup, so she knew exactly what she was signing. The judge orders that the pre-nup is valid and he will not throw it out. After court Chelsea explains to Steve and Jared that she met with the lawyer for only five minutes, and he was a friend of Nick’s.

Steve and Jared head to Three Olives REsturant and make friends with one of the waitresses. They play truth or dare with her and even kiss each other to try to bribe her for a reservation.

She says that she can’t give them one even after they kiss, because it is against the fire marshall’s code. Steve and Jared say that they have a friend at the fire marshall, and they can get him to change maximum occupancy from 68 tables to 69 tables. She tells them if they get the fire marshall to change their occupancy then they can have the reservation.

They head back to the office and Carmen shows them a picture she found of Nick and Chelsea ten years ago. Chelsea told them that Nick forced her to have tons of plastic surgery, and she obviously lied because she looks the same as she did ten years ago. Chelsea comes in to the office and they show her the picture and ask why she lied. Chelsea looks at the picture and is shocked, it’s not her in the picture, this entire time Nick has been changing her face to make her look like an old girlfriend of his.

Jared and Steve head to a party and meet up with their friend Mark a fire marshall. Mark says that he will add a table to the Three Olives Resturant if they help him get a ticket dismissed. He ran to stop signs in Walden Park, and got misdemeanor tickets form the Parks & Wildlife Conservation. They reassure him they can get the tickets dropped.

The next morning they send Carmen to court, and she argues with the judge and threatens to subpoena all of their cameras and dispose every one who has viewed them, so they droped the charges and misdemeanors as long as he pays a small fine. Steve and Harvey call Mark and tell him the good news, he reveals that he expanded Three Olives’ fire occupancy, unfortunately he shut them down for three weeks because he found asbestos in the kitchen. They hang up on Mark and freak out, they needed reservations from there for Friday for Karp so they could have the Dodgers tickets for their building manager.

Jared and Steve head to the Bar Board, with witnesses that he met at his sex addicts class. After hearing all of the sordid details of Stanton’s sexcapades, the board agrees to reinstate him after he seeks treatment for his addiction.

Jared and Steve go to Three Olives Resturant and apologzies to the chef Sebastien for getting them shut down. Sebastien is a surfer so they offer him their Malibu beach house (where they live) for the weekend if he cooks a private dinner on Friday for Karp. Sebastien agrees and they arrange the dinner for Karp. Karp’s assistant sends them a message confirming the Dodger’s tickets. They will be able to give the tickets to the building manager and get a week extension on their rent.

They head to court for Nick and Chelsea’s case and Nick takes the stand. They give him a blank canvas and ask him to use cut up pieces of women’s faces from a shoe box to put together the face of a woman he thinks is beautiful. He picks random pieces out of the box and they all turn out to be pieces of his ex-girlfriends face. Nick says aloud, “oh my God it’s Melanie.” He turns to Chelsea and tells her how sorry he is. Jared tells Chelsea that they “just won the case.”

Steve and Jared start to head home, and then suddenly remember that they gave their house to Sebastien for the weekend. They head inside and see that their house is full of people from Stanton’s sex addicts group and Sebastien’s friends.

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