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Frankie Muniz on Donald Sterling: Malcolm gets in the middle of Clippers dispute


Now that the NBA has officially banned L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life, Frankie Muniz has some thoughts on his favorite team.

We didn’t realize he had anything to say either, but the Malcolm in the Middle star took to his Facebook page to lament his disgust over Sterling’s racist comments in the middle of a rare good season for the second-best-known basketball team in town. Even though Muniz was born in New Jersey and raised in North Carolina, he became a Clippers fan in 1994 after playing NBA Live ’95 and chose the team cause he didn’t know any of the players and didn’t feel bad deleting them. (Wait, does that make sense to anyone else?) Muniz even bravely admitted that he went to every home game from 2000-2008 during some rough years for the team. Here’s a bit of what Frankie had to say:

I am a Clippers fan. I’ve never been a fan of the owner. I never wanted the team to win for the owner. I am a fan of the players, the coaches, and I root for the team to win for the fans. Clipper Nation. I root for the team to win for themselves. For their dreams and aspirations.

That being said, I’m disgusted by the things said by Owner Donald Sterling. In no way, shape or form is what he said acceptable and definitely should not be tolerated by anyone. I feel badly for the players, coaches and all members of the Los Angeles Clippers staff. They have worked incredibly hard to put together an amazing team. I feel bad that although the things said by Donald Sterling do not reflect their personal views, they are unfortunately having to be associated with his despicable, hurtful words. I’m also devastated for all the fans. Being a Clippers fan has never been easy, but this has tarnished the joy this season has brought to the fans who have stuck behind this team through thick and thin. The NBA Playoffs are an amazing experience, and it’s a shame this cloud is hanging over them. There is no place in the NBA for people like Donald Sterling. I think the punishment the NBA has imposed on him was well warranted.

You can read the whole thing here. Good to know Muniz agrees with the NBA’s decision, unlike Obama’s pick for National Security adviser Susan Rice, which he tweeted was another #Obamafail. Because when I think sports and politics, Frankie Muniz is always the first person I think of. #sarcasmfail






- Jake Perlman/ - PopWatch


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