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Fox's 24 Spin-Off Has Cast Its Jack Bauer Replacement

When Fox announced it would be developing a new series in the 24 franchise without its ass-whooping hero Jack Bauer, we were all like, "That is five kinds of dumb." But we didn't know that Jack Bauer would be replaced by Dr. Dre!

Well, sorta. The in-development 24: Legacy, which would center on a new hero who gets messed up in a terrorism plot, has found its leading man in Corey Hawkins—whose kickass 2015 included playing Dr. Dre in Straight Outta Comptonaccording to The Hollywood Reporter.

Hawkins will play Eric Carter, a guy who turned a rough upbringing around in the Army Rangers but was unable to shake his wartime troubles when he returned home from duty. As is the case with 24, he'll ask the CTU for help in stopping what could be the most devastating terrorist attack the entire universe has ever seen. Also like other 24s, each episode of Legacy will represent an hour in time and make use of splitscreen technology to follow multiple storylines.

Hawkins will also be known to some of you from his role in The Walking Dead, in which he plays the dreadlocked Alexandria resident Heath. If 24: Legacy goes to series, Hawkins would have to work a lot to play both roles. Or The Walking Dead will just have him eaten.

24 was a big deal for Fox, so it's understandable the network wouldn't want to let it go, especially in this day when everything gets the reboot. Two years ago, Fox revived 24WITH Jack Bauer in the somewhat successful 24: Live Another Day, and between Seasons 6 and 7 in 2010, Fox tried out the television movie 24: Redemption.

Are you okay with this casting? Are you okay with Fox rebooting 24?

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