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Fox Is Devoloping a 'Lethal Weapon' Drama

Just when you thought you were too old for this shit, Fox goes ahead and continues the trend of making shows based on once-popular franchises. This time, it's the mismatched cop magic of the Lethal Weapon franchise that turned Mel Gibson into a movie superstar.

Fox and Warner Bros. TV are in the early stages of developing an hour-long drama based on the films, Deadline reports. So far, there's a put pilot commitment in place, so the project has a long way to go before we're wondering who should play Riggs and Murtaugh.

If you aren't familiar with the Lethal Weapon films, then who are you? Gibson and Danny Glover starred as a pair of Los Angeles cops, one who worked by the book and the other who probably never even read a book. Four Lethal Weapon movies made it to theaters between 1987 and 1998, and all were hits.

The new Lethal Weapon will be a straight reboot, i.e. we won't be following Murtaugh Jr. and Riggs' niece as they form an unlikely partnership to respect their older relatives. Forever creator Matt Miller is behind the project and will write and executive produce.

This show has such a basic premise that branding a series with the Lethal Weapon name seems more like an attempt to put another standard cop show on the air with a familiar name. But hey, that's what most revivals are nowadays anyway.

Well, since we're all here, which Lethal Weapon movie is your favorite? My memory is totally hazy, but I'm going with 2 because Patsy Kensit and the exploding toilet. 

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