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'Fear the Walking Dead': Who Died in the Season 1 Finale?

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the season one finale of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead, "The Good Man."]

AMC's Fear the Walking Dead capped off its six-episode freshman season with an explosive season finale Sunday.

After suffering its first major fatality with Griselda (Patricia Reyes Spindola) in the penultimate hour in which Liza (Elizabeth Rodriguez) learned that everyone is infected, Daniel (Ruben Blades) opens the arena to free 2,000 walkers in a bid to take over the compound where his wife and Nick (Frank Dillane) are being held. He leads Travis (Cliff Curtis), Madison (Kim Dickens) and the rest of the group out of their community, which the military has now completely abandoned as Cobalt — the order to evacuate the L.A. basin and eradicate the rest of the survivors — draws closer.

Travis, meanwhile, allows Army guard Andy Adams (Shawn Hatsoy) to leave as he continues to hold on to his humanity and values.

The compound, now compromised by walkers, becomes a free-for-all and Dr. Exner  (Sandrine Holt) orders everyone to leave and fend for themselves — including Liza, who learns that the doctor's group never had any intention of rescuing her son, Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie).

While Daniel, Madison, Travis and Ofelia head in to rescue Liza, Nick and Griselda, Army soldiers carjack Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Chris, who is punched out cold while trying to defend his step sister.

Inside the compound, Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) and Nick make their way out as the walkers grow closer. Nick and Strand are freed from almost certain death when Liza helps open a locked door as the group — save for Alicia and Chris — are now reunited.

As they try to make their way out of the compound, Ofelia saves Liza and Nick rescues Madison as the walkers nearly take bites out of both of them. Nick and Strand have Liza to thank after she ignored a ride out of the compound after witnessing a bitten soldier have his head brutally ripped off by a helicopter propeller as the walkers overtook the military.

As they search for an escape route, Liza tells Daniel and Ofelia that the infection took Griselda and there's sadly nothing left to see. Going back through the medical area, the armed group finds Exner putting down the deceased as Madison raids the medical supplies. Strand tells Madison that the group should instead head West, toward his home on the water.

It's now daylight as the group makes its way out of the compound — only to see a pile of ashes littered with human remains — and a baby's doll. It's at that moment that Ofelia breaks down.

Back in the packing structure, Madison and Travis are reunited with Alicia and Chris — as well as a surprise visitor: Andy. Pissed after being tortured, an armed Andy looks to exact his revenge on Daniel. Ofelia — who had been romantic with Andy — attempts to talk him out of shooting her father. Instead, Andy turns the gun on Ofelia and shoots her in the arm as Travis charges and attacks the soldier, beating him to a pulp in front of his entire family.

The closing moments see the group back on the road driving through the river basin where the season started and Madison and Travis saw their first walker. They wind up back at Strand's extravagant beachside home — which is complete with a power generator — as Nick explains to an apologetic Madison (who doesn't know where they're going next) that the world is catching up with the life that he's been living for the past few years.

As the sun sets, Liza tells Daniel that Ofelia can survive her gunshot wound and Liza telling her son Chris that she loves him. Liza then heads to the beach — and reveals to Madison, and later Travis, that she has been bitten. After explaining the rules of the new world to Madison and Travis, he is forced to execute his ex-wife before she can die and reanimate.

As for where the series goes next, Strand reveals that Abigail is his boat that is just off shore from his home.

The reveal sets up a second season that creates tension between Travis and his son, Chris, as well as the potential for the group to head with Strand to his yacht. Showrunner Dave Erickson previously told THR that season one would not conclude at the point where Rick awakes from his coma. The finale sets up several questions for season two: will Fear head out to sea? How will death change Travis? Plus what will happen with Cobalt?

Fear the Walking Dead has already been renewed for a 15-episode second season. A return date has not been announced. Have questions for Erickson? Leave them in the comments section, below, and come back toTHR's The Live Feed for a postmortem with him Monday. The Walking Dead season six returns Sunday, Oct. 11 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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