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Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Bringing Main Character Back

A character who was assumed to be lost is returning to Fear the Walking Dead. On The Walking Dead and spinoff Fear the Walking Dead the number one rule is that no one is safe. No matter how famous the actor or how involved the character is in the story, anyone can die at any moment. The constantly changing cast helps raise the stakes and can keep the audience on the edge of their seat — with no idea if their favorite characters will survive the hour.

Even being one of the original characters is no guarantee of safety. That has been well established on The Walking Dead where only four character have survived from the beginning of the first season through the most recent finale. Fear the Walking Dead has continued that tradition, with characters who have been around since the beginning dying, or at least seeming to. Daniel Salazar was one such character — he was introduced in the show’s second episode and seemed to die about halfway through the second season when he lit fire to the cellar of Abigail Vineyard to take out a number of walkers.

Well, Salazar has been gone for awhile, but he is coming back. EW (via: Undeadwalking) is reporting that showrunner Dave Erickson has admitted that Salazar is alive, and will be appearing again in season 3:

fear the walking dead daniel salazar Fear The Walking Dead Season 3 Bringing Main Character Back

“We’ve said publicly that he didn’t die in the fire. And I think what was always important is that the characters, specifically Ofelia (Mercedes Mason), thought they had lost him. I think his return is long overdue, and I can promise that Daniel Salazar will rise again over the course of the season.”

Salazar was certainly a good person to have around. His background as a solider made him a capable fighter and he showed early on that he was willing to do whatever was necessary to protect the people he cared about. His loss was felt strongly by the group, especially by his daughter Ofelia.

The thing to keep in mind was that Salazar’s death was assumed but never seen. The Walking Dead did something similar, making it seem very likely that Glenn was devoured by walkers. It was a few weeks later when audiences learned that he survived the attack, and how he managed to do so.

How Salazar escaped the burning cellar is surely just as incredible a story as Glenn’s, but if anyone on the show has the skills to do so, it’s him. Another question that will need to be explained is how he finds the group again. They are no longer anywhere near the vineyard. By the time Salazar reappears, he will surely have had a number of adventures of his own. It will certainly be interesting to find out what he has been up to since that fire.

Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC on June 4 @9pm.

Source: EW (via: Undeadwalking)

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